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Thread: DryNites Vs Underjams

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    Red face DryNites Vs Underjams

    What are your thoughts?

    Which holds more?
    Which is bigger?
    what do you prefere....

    tell me :-)


    ....Is there NO difference at all?....apart from the brand.... Huggies vs Pampers.......

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    For me I have only had girl Underjams and boy goodnites, but the goodnites were bigger than the underjams, but they both rip like a son of a gun. but for reals I prefer the Underjams, which is an unpopular opinion.
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    I havent had any issues with the goodnites ripping, but the underjams do. If the underjams didnt rip, I would prefer those comfort wise. The goodnites are a little snug on my 30" waist, but at least they dont rip. I seem to leak more in the goodnites than the underjams.

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    The Goodntes have surprised me with their capacity at times, but they cant hold a candle to the Underjams.

    The Goodnites are bigger when it comes to the rise, and how big a person the can fit and not rip right away. The Underjams have the magic Pampers sides that will stretch into next week, but they can quickly wear out and rip if you stretch them too far.

    Overall, I like both of them, but for different reasons. I prefer to use Underjams as stuffers, as they can make an M4 last forever. The Goodnites I will wear if I want to wear, but i don't want the bulk, or need the capacity.

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    I have to say goodnites best protection.

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    Default Re: DryNites Vs Underjams

    If it weren't for the underjams ripping so easy, I'd prefer them over the goodnites, but they both are to small for my 38 waist. This goes for both girls and boys version of each, and the plain white international version of goodnites.

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    persay as a kid i always used Goodnites as they were the only practical diaper on the market for kids ages 5-12 and they were easy to find. however what my little brother told me recently (i feel his veiw is more relavent than mine as i have not used underjams my self and he's used both side by side) he says he likes the underjams more as initial comfort goes but after 3 or 4 hours in a wet underjam he's eager to change as he says "they stay wet and dont dry" where as goodnites have always pulled the moisture away from the skin leaving a pull up that was soaked to the maximum still dry to the touch on the inside. as far as longevity if were in a situation where he cant change often he prefers goodnites however for normal bedwetting he likes the underjams.

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    It's as others have said: GoodNites = longer (better rise), UnderJams = wider (more stretchy).

    Because they're not aimed at adults and are both too short (UnderJams more so), your ability to pull them on will be limited mainly by your hip size and not your waist size. I have 44" hips (38" waist) and GoodNites almost make it -- and then POP! UnderJams do make it, but as a result of being even shorter, look even more ridiculous! Neither of them are really all that functional on me. The biggest problem with the function, IMO, is the narrow crotch; there's simply no room in these things, particularly if you're male. I find Pampers baby diapers to be more functional, actually! (And yes, yes... sigh. I am keenly aware that they do not "fit" me, so please no remarks of that kind.)

    A couple of links:
    Diaper size chart
    Diaper length animation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cottontail View Post
    there's simply no room in these things, particularly if you're male.
    dont want to be pointing out the obvious but they arnt required to have any room for a typical male they are for KIDS i have a 4 year old boy and a 7 year old boy with me and ive changed both their diapers, room isnt an issue they have to deal with yet. these were desingned for Pre-pubesant kids not teens or adults who have gone through the changes.

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