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    hi, a friend of mine had sex the other day and his penis come out of the condom after ejaculation. The condom leaked onto the bed, is there anyway the girl could become pregnant?


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    There is always a small chance pregnacy could occur even if all precautions are taken. It's rare, but possible, your friend will know in less than a month.

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    As long as the sperm didn't come in contact with her she should be ok, it is possible if the sperm came into contact with her, those little guys like to swim you know.

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    The odds of pregnancy are slim even when not using a condom (which is not to say that you should not wear a condom), so if your friend used one and then it came off after ejaculation, the odds of pregnancy are extremely low, especially if a spermicide was used. Not impossible, but highly improbable.

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