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Thread: For Incon & Bedwet: Which cloth-diaper?

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    Default For Incon & Bedwet: Which cloth-diaper?

    Triggered by my recent post in the incon-forum about the rather massive cost of my diapers as my insurance only covers a partial amount I'm looking for options...
    Cloth was mentioned.

    I'm moderately day-time Incon. (I dribble - like mostly / can't control this - and can have "accidents" when the urge becomes too big and I can't get to a toilet in time).. I'm also a bedwetter (5-7 nights... heavy).

    During the day I've learned to manage using pads & pull-ups or diapers for long road-trips or situations where toilet isn't going to be close-by.
    I also watch my fluid intake, am abstinent from sodas, most coffee, alcohol, etc... so when I "flood" it's OK with a good pad or pull-up - but that needs to be changed afterwards. For the normal dribble - no problem.
    At night an Attends M10 Regular is what serves me very well (so no, I don't wear those hefty bulky diapers).

    Now here's the thing - I have some experience in regards to Cloth... We had a brief period of time during my early teens when my parents tried cloth - and I hated it.. it always felt "damp / wet" compared to disposable stuff... it leaked worse than the disposable stuff... it smelled a lot stronger in my room... and it was a LOT Bulkier (so no I did't wear those during the day).
    Short: it was a short-lived "experiment".

    These days I have a few "emergency" cloth diapers I've made myself using modern micro-fibre "trekking / travelling towels" and wear those under a Polyurethane Pant (PLEASE DON't recommend me classic PVC plastic pants... I don't get it how anyone actually wants to wear those things at all).
    Those "diapers" I wear when I travel to places where I know I can't get good disposables and can't take too many along... easy to wash, quick to dry.
    But it's not competing in terms of "comfort" (feels wet, prone to leaks when I sit on hard surfaces) with my disposable protection.

    Now what kind of Cloth is there to be recommended for Daytime and Night-Time use...
    I like good quality stuff... and it needs to last.
    Comfort is paramount
    and for daytime: CONCEALMENT / DISCRETION is of utmost importance to me.
    (The thickest diaper I usually wear during the Day is an Attends M8 ... very very rarely an M9.)


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    I wear cloth diapers from the All Together Diaper Co., and more so through All Together Enterprises. I prefer the gauze because it's softer. They have them in night weight and day weight, which should meet your needs. I will say that cloth is going to smell more than disposables, IMO. I wear the high back Leakmaster plastic pants, which are not PUL. I like the PUL, but they don't come in highback, and I like the protection while sleeping, against leaks.

    I've found that if I wash them on the big, longer cycles, cotton cycle with detergent, and then wash them again on permanent press cycle without detergent, I can get them rinsed out from the laundry detergent. Then I throw them in the dryer.

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