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Thread: Do we need or want diapers ??

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    Default Do we need or want diapers ??

    I am sat here in a wet diaper and i just wondered if we do need them noot just want them as diper lovers,

    For me I used to have probs holding when I was younger , I can remember 2 times I messed pretty bad, and several other times when it wasent too bad, and too many times when it was close !!, I always wanted to wear dipers but would and didnt ever mention this then, so nowadays I wear because I love wearing them, a lot of times they have come in handy to be in a diaper , but also twice they were unexpectedly needed !!

    so do I need or do I want them ?

    perosnally I think its more want to wear them and I feel secure and content, so surely this means I need them ??...........

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    There's a lot of talk about that in the US and UK right now... are we as infantilists conditioned with a disorder that compels us to wear diapers (much akin to other sexual orientations) or is it merely a fetish (akin to BDSM, etc).

    It's debatable. You won't die as an infantilist directly if you don't wear a diaper. But, abstaining from infantilism may not be beneficial to mental health, and in turn, the health of one's body.

    While not old at all, I can attest that diapering lowers my blood pressure, and except during certain brief periods (ahem), diapering lowers my average resting heart rate. That would indicate that abstaining from diapers does the converse; which is bad for health.

    My overall opinion is that infantilism does make wearing diapers a need - but it is not a primary need akin to food and shelter. It is more akin to Maslow's higher-tier hierarchy of needs for love, and self-actualization. Necessary in the long run, but a want in the short run.
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    If I want something,,,then I need it. I guess that's about as short and to the point as I can word it.

    Do I have a medical need? No. Therefore the need on that level is not present. As AbriForm pointed out, being in diapers is comforting and relaxing and therefore enjoyable. In that aspect, the need does exist. So I guess it all boils down to what capacity you are asking the question.

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    want yes need NO. i have to deal with enough diapers that arent mine in a day so i can say deffinately not a need as i cant wear all the time esp if one of the kids has major acident that requires me to clean it up. by the end of an average day im all diapered out just dealing with the little one.

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    I wet every night so I guess I need my diapers otherwise I would flood my bed.

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    I've done the whole binge/purge thing and came out the other side... yep, still wearing diapers. After that I came to understand that some part of me does in fact "need" them. But... I can't deny that I want them too and that's okay!

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    I would totally say "want". Unless of course, you are truly incontinent.. then it's probably a need. Or at least some type of padding! Otherwise, I don't think there is any reason other then smiles that I wear, I won't display spontaneous combustion or anything like that without them. ^_^

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    I guess I could get by without them, but the consequence would be wet beds, wet pants and occasional messy pants so I probably need them at least for now.

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    I've gotten along quite well without diapers. I do want them, but I don't think I could argue that I have a medical need.

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