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    Smile Song Writing

    So usually when I get bored, I write music. To be more specific, Rap music.

    I know your all probably going to flame it anyways, but here's the start of my latest one.

    Its gonna be a matter of time before I'm dead
    Those crazy fools, trying to put a bullet in my head.
    Ride in the 6-4' make it get down
    I'm the king of town
    Got your chick polishing my crown.

    Man o man, out here everybody got hard lives
    You got peeps beating their wives
    Always gotta carry pocket knives
    Got the "Bee's" livin in hives.

    So, I was wondering if anybody would be willing to give me some feedback or whatnot. I know it ain't much, but like I said, boredom. Plus, its sort of a hobby.

    If this is in the wrong forum, My bad.

    Please don't steal it

    And no, I'm not a wannabe thug either.

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    lol Rap-off!!!

    Yo, my name is Michael,
    I'm here on my motorcycle.
    I'm the coolest guy in the land,
    Like Gaara, I rule the power of the sand.

    Fuck Jon, he's a prick,
    He thinks he's cool, but he's really a dick.
    I'ma smash him up so bad,
    He won't know what him--sad!!!


    Seriously though, your poem/rap is good. It's a bit short though... you might want to lengthen it.

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    Like I said bro, work in progress.

    Edit: Not a bad one you got there Maverick, but feel my wrath ( I tried to keep it G-rated for the kiddies )

    Micheal on a motorcycle? That ain't fly
    You sure you a guy?
    You sound like a chick
    looking for a trick

    Mavvy wants to be cool
    I think hes a fool
    Your rhyme is weak
    gotta be unique

    That stuff was whack
    Yo momma smoke crack
    I'll let her ride in the 'Lac
    while she be learning how to hack!


    Just kidding Maverick, your a cool dude but you called me out. :P

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    haha, its all good. As long as people enjoy it or laugh at it, I'm fine.

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    I make beats!!!! HOLY SHIT THIS IS PERFECT. Who wants to collaborate musically with me??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    I make beats!!!! HOLY SHIT THIS IS PERFECT. Who wants to collaborate musically with me??
    If you can make Radiohead-esque beats I'd be into it. I'm a singer/songwriter, so I do a lot of songwriting as the title implies, though I can't say I'm at all into rap. I do respect the guys who can rap well though, not my thing, but still pretty amazing sometimes. But yeah, beats and stuff can be put to good use in my type of music too.

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