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  • I do it all the Friday and weekend after Thanksgiving

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  • I do it all (or most) on December 23 and 24

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  • I do it bit by bit as December goes by

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  • I shop online in my pajamas and let them UPS/FedEx it to my doorstep

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  • Other

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Thread: How do you do your Christmas shopping?

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    Default How do you do your Christmas shopping?

    Actually, I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago since some stores had both Halloween and Christmas stuff up simultaneously. Oh well, we will all spend money eventually.

    Why do I wait? I guess I can be a natural procrastinator sometimes. On the plus side, I don't have to hide stuff for too long, and I usually have more money to work with that time of December anyways.

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    Quite literally do it all on the 23rd/24th December. My family isn't big on Christmas or gift-giving, so we don't really go to any effort for presents. It's never really been a money issue (although some years it has been); mostly it's just that we never know what to get each other. We're not such an open family in that regard, so we just ask/tell each other what we want.

    I already know what I'm getting for Christmas - a nice doona/duvet cover for my bed and a little bit of money. And that's just from my parents. My brother and I have an agreement not to buy each other anything.

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    For the most part I do it bit by bit as december goes by. I usually buy gifts when I'm already in a store buying something else and happen to see something that would make a good gift for someone. Then around December 23-24th I'll go christmas shopping for a couple things I may have missed, if anything.

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    I don't do any Christmas shopping at all. Either family goes out and buys really expensive stuff and says its from me, or I just make them stuff.

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    I kinda do it all in the last couple weeks before Christmas... it really depends on how much money I have to spend. I usually pick up presents for my sis all thru Nov/Dec.. I have a huge family and a lot of friends, so I have to buy tons of presents.. it'd be a pain in the ass, except I love it haha

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    Butterfly Mage


    I totally hate crowds. And I haven't figured out what's worse: sleazy salesmen that bait-and-switch or salesmen that act like I'm invisible. Then there's the fact that I can always count on someone in a huge SUV putting a new ding in my door and not leaving insurance information.

    So... I do as much shopping online as I can.

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    I usually shop bit by bit, this year I went online and did a lil bit of shopping though too.

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    I never really end up having to buy anything. I have no idea what to get people and my Mum loves shopping, even for Christmas. Usually she tells me this person will like this, if I agree she will then go and buy it and then I pay her back. When I go to Uni I am stuffed. I will probably forget to buy anything - I'll be a 23/24 person at the earliest.

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