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Thread: any other parents of younger children here?

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    Default any other parents of younger children here?

    i am a proud parent of 1 and i also take care of my little brother who is 7. but the little one is getting to the point where hes starting to catch on to things i do. any advice how to deal with my own diapers with out him finding out. not too worried about my lil bro as he's already caught me once and he also wears for bed wetting. but its the younger one im worried about i dont want him brought into this world by my example.

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    I'm not a parent but here are my thoughts: First and foremost, don't wear around him. Curb your usage, do it beyond closed doors, don't take risks. If he ever comes into your room at night, take precautions. Wear shorts over your diaper while you're sleeping (if you wear one while in bed) or keep them very accessible so you could grab them if you have to get up in the night. Kids will get all over the place, so do not leave them accessible.

    As a parent your duty is to raise your child. You may have come to terms with being a DL but your child should not grow up seeing diapers as something to wear "if he wants to." While we might be able to see wearing diapers as OK or even as a positive thing, we also have all experienced the discomfort of growing up different, thinking that you would not be accepted by friends or family, etc. That is something you presumably don't wish on your child. So don't take risks.

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    well i definatly dont wear at night as Callum usually sleeps with me and has ever since he was 2 because i still lived with my mother at the time and he shared a room with me. (which he's 4 1/2 now and we got our own place) it quite busy in my room with the little one there and i have to keep running my lil bro out (kids scared of dark but has no problem running down dark hall to wake me up)so wearing at night aint an option. as for them being accesable currently they are in a drawer but u have a point i shoud really move them to a secure place now.

    P.S. love your sig, i remember those days well, fall asleep on couch wake up in my bed. now i get to experience it from the other side and ill tell you what kids find the most intresting places and positions to fall asleep in. ive caught zach (my brother) sleeping hanging upside down off the top bunk of his bed took me 5 min to get his legs un hooked from it.

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    That's good. As for accessibility, I'd imagine that height would be a suitable impediment. Keeping them on the top shelf of a closet (if you have anything like that) in some container would probably do the trick.

    Indeed, I remember those days well also. Must be interesting to be a parent and be the one doing the moving. Now you can know how significant that simple action is - I don't remember a lot from my early childhood, but that is one thing that has stayed with me.

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    yeah its getting to be a little harder to move zach as he's getting bigger everyday he's a little over 75 lbs. now still pretty small for his age but getting up the stairs is the main issue i have with moving him. but watching him with callum is worth every moment. those two are too cute when sleeping together those are the only times i dont move them unless its the middle of day then i wake zach at least. cant have him falling asleep with out protection. thats a BIG mess ive had to replace his mattres once beforebecause he fell asleep on his bed after school. bed wetting and tempur-pedic's dont mix well if it comes to that might as well throw out the mattress cause we waited two weeks and still if you put pressure on it liquid would come up. now he has plastic sheets for those just in case moments. we all do because there are times when both kids are in bed with me. finding plastic sheets for a queen size bed is a nightmare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by w0lfpack91 View Post
    any advice how to deal with my own diapers with out him finding out
    I've got a preschooler and a second-grader. Just as my wife and I generally wait until the kids are in bed, lock our bedroom door, etc., before "having fun," I choose the circumstances of my diaper-wearing to minimize the chances of my kids seeing anything or otherwise finding out. Diapers are a sexual fetish for me, and I guard them just as I do my other sexual activity.

    For many years now, I've kept my stash in my car trunk. And if I can't easily get to and from my car trunk without seeming suspicious or being seen carrying diapers, I take that as a sign that the time is not right for wearing. It's a bit inconvenient, I suppose, but I've been doing it this way for many years and it's proven to be a pretty successful strategy -- to the point that my wife of nearly 14 years only found out about my diaper habit about a year ago! (I didn't set out to be secretive, but old habits die hard!) She took it fine. I'm not testing the kids, though!

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