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Thread: Who remebers wearing as a toddler?

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    Default Who remebers wearing as a toddler?

    I always wished that I could remember what it was like to be put in diapers as a toddler. Does anyone actually remember???

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    Not personally. However, this is a pretty interesting question. I do remember a few things from back in the day.

    I remember when i was little, i would every night stick my head into the corner of my crib, hold my blanky and suck my thumb or paci. I remember having my paci pretty long actually, and my parents really wanted me to get rid of it because it would ruin my teeth. (Naturally, i have great teeth though. >.<) Eventually they won. (LOL, because i have an oral fixation anyway.)

    I wish i could remember more of those kind of things from when i really was young.

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    *raises my hand* yup, i remember when i still lived in California being diapered and being embarrassed to go in front of my mom and dad >.<

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    I kinda remember something. It's like a short flashback, I can't say if it's actual or made up by my mind but anyway...

    What I remember is me, in my mum's arms, being taken to the sofa when my dad is watching TV, and SCREAMING like hell because I HATED being in a diaper!

    It makes sense, considering I've been out of diapers since a quite early age (I think 2 y/o or earlier).

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    Ahh! I just remembered! I wet the bed when i was rly young and my parents made me wear goodnites. I remember kickin' an screamin, even thought i really did want them

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    Nope, don't remember ever being in diapers far back as I have memory retention. I do still have vague memories of stroller riding which I enjoyed very much as a preschooler.


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    I think I remember going down the diaper isle with my mom when we went shopping, I remember in preschool I had a accident and also I remember not wanting to potty-train when I was like 3. I remember when one of my baby-sitters would have to chase me around, kuz I didnt want to get my diaper changed. and I remember going to starbux with one of my baby-sitters, where she got me a biscotti or something to nibble on. I think that sums it up.

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    I do not remember it clearly, but I remember when I was 1, and my mom told me I was number 1, I kept repeating it back to her, I do remember I was wearing yellow, although that is from the picture, not memory. Wearing was not remembered as of then.

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    I remember a number of diaper related memories, one time I was given the choice between pull ups and diapers for the day, and I chose diapers. Antoher time I recall looking down at my legs and feeling my pull up leaking. And there are others, but I'd have to think for a bit to retrieve them.

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    i don't remember wearing a diaper or any thing but i can remember my eating sand (i did that a lot when i was little)

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