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Thread: Ordering a nuk 5 paci

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    Default Ordering a nuk 5 paci

    Hey guys maybe you can help me with this dilemma. I have my own debit card and ability to order online, and I also usually get the mail, do you think I should risk it and order one? Thanks for any input

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    Does anyone open your mail? If not sellers on Ebay and I've found Baby Pants that say the shipping is done in discreet packaging. I've gotten something from Baby Pants and the billing information used paypal and the billing information from them isn't obvious either.

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    I went through Baby Pants as well, through Amazon actually, and ordered two Nuk 5's. I highly recommend going through Baby Pants on Amazon (they even have cute printed guards as well as the plain white ones). The package they came in had nothing on the outside that even hinted toward the contents inside. The return address wasn't even spelled out, but simply B.P. instead of Baby Pants, and was very small print on the package. The Nuks (I ordered two) came in a discrete manila shipping envelope (the kind with the bubble wrap lining), and that's about the extent of what anyone will see. The Nuks themselves were individually wrapped in small boxes inside the packaging. The small boxes they come in DO show what is in them, but no one will see those unless they open the manila packing envelope to find out what's inside. Also, as mentioned above, the billing information for Baby Pants is not obvious on your statement. So at least when it comes to Baby Pants, from personal experience, I can say feel free to order a paci.

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