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Thread: Diaper usage while lying down or sleeping

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    Default Diaper usage while lying down or sleeping

    I've tried wearing diapers to bed before, but I've always had problems falling asleep while doing so. and even if I lie down while diapered but not sleeping, I have a hard time wetting. does anyone else have this problem.
    the other issue is I cant get the idea that I'm diapered off my mind enough so I actually can fall asleep.

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    I had a very hard time in the beginning, but after a while you get used to it, now I can sit(half laying down) buy the computer while streched out on my couch and wet every few mins.

    I still don't have enough confidence in a diaper to do it on my bed, but I do think with practice anything is possible, it took a long time to train yourself not to do it when you were a child, it may take sometime before your able to do it as an adult or teen.

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    If you exhaust yourself, in more ways than one, before you go to bed, you shouldn't find much trouble falling asleep. As for the wetting, many members have trouble with it.

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    It's what typically happens when you're not used enough to wearing diapers. It only takes time and practice, and you'll see that it'll become something natural as you start doing it regularly.

    The same applies for wetting diapers while lying down, for sure it doesn't come natural to anyone who isn't incontinent, since you've been trained not to pee yourself in bed, and it's a problem that also longtime diaper wearers have to face. From my experience, apart from practicing, practicing, and practicing () you need to learn how to relax your sphincter muscles making your mind control them in a very accurate way. In other words, you have to work on feeling which exact muscles you open for wetting, so that you can operate them more easily when you need it.

    If you're not used yet to wear diapers to bed it's gonna take some time, but if you like diapers, it's worth the effort.

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    thanks, for the advice. Right now, my stash is almost depleted. I decided to not wear diapers for another month, till x-mas break because I don't have a good means of buying more, and this way I can try to get as much out of them as possible instead of only wearing them like a hour after school.

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    At first I really had to bear down in order to wet in bed. But it is getting easier. Since I started trying, (about six months ago) I wet my diaper in my sleep twice! I haven't EVER done that before LOL. Of course one time I was really drunk, but still! Haha!

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    With me it took a few few months for me to even wet while standing...and then it took a few months to get to sleep while point is takes time , simply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire_lupine06 View Post
    With me it took a few few months for me to even wet while standing...and then it took a few months to get to sleep while point is takes time , simply.
    Why would the standing one take so long? Do you normally sit on the toilet to go #1?

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    Well, since I was able to get diapers pretty much constantly from since I was toilet trained, I have many years of practice. Going was never really an issue for me, so I don't really know what to say to help, because it just comes naturally for me now whenever I desire it.

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