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    Not that i condone this but I was looking up how easy it is for a person to make a keylogger program on their computer....and I found this....
    How to: make a simple keylogger in notepad
    seriously I tried it out on my own computer and I took less then 5 mins for me to type out the "code" and run it... it recorded everything is the specified parameters this is insane....this just opens it up in a dos box and converts that to a .txt file seriously its so easy a child could do it.....I fear for the future of computers users

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    Honestly I can't really consider this program a "Key logger". Yes it does "log" what the user inputs but that's because the program was designed to store the given input. You have to run that program to actually store anything and you need to type in that console. It's not like it can log your email credentials because the user won't be typing in that console window. Could it lead to something more advanced, maybe, but I wouldn't consider this example anything that could be a security risk.

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    Agree with lilaznboy, by that definition, microsoft word is a keylogger because it stores what you type (to temporary files in the background).

    If it has to have focus to work, it's kinda useless ;p

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    It's just using the set command for user input and then utilizing the redirect capabilities of a command prompt to write to a file.

    This is no keylogger. A keylogger would require you to intercept all input and log it. This would mean you'd need access to the raw input thread of your OS, and from there, to search for and access the device you wish to log from in your device tree.

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    I am trying it out so that I could test it out on my own computer to see how this program works out.

    Tried it out and no success. But kinda interesting.

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    I'd have thought there'd be plenty of keyloggers that you could download freely. If that surprises you, check this out: HakShop — WiFi Pineapple Mark IV

    It's a portable device allowing you to launch "man in the middle" attacks against users of wi-fi access points, intercepting their login details, cookies, and network requests. Nice, huh?

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