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    Default Hello World

    I am probably not going to make this very long.

    Hi my name is TFBMF and that stands for "The Flying Blue Monkey Fist", not much reason there.

    I became interested in adisc when I was browsing google a year or two ago, and after much lurking, I have decided to make an account, I'm kinda into the ABDL stuff, but I have a different opinion on everything every five minutes, so I may abandon this account for months at a time before returning.

    Outside of the Internet I play Piano and PlayStation, as well as PC. See what I did there, that wouldn't work in all languages, and some of my musician friends are disappointed when I use them with the same verb.

    I like paragraphs and Shakespeare and poetry and the word 'and', and I like analysing texts as it is a unique way of interpreting language that even though it is always different, no one is truly wrong in it. I also like it as grammar is no longer important and my superfluous commas and paragraphs are not being talked about, it's the writers. I tend to learn essays and give them, or a much more concise version, verbally to my friends and they do that to.

    I think this is long enough and I have exhausted my capacity to write.
    Thanks for reading (commenting?) and have a nice day.

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    Hey there! Great intro.

    I'm also a relatively new member here at ADISC but the community is great. I've always been the same way about ABDL stuff... I would go through periods where I would intensely research and lurk and then I would stop interacting with it through the internet. But I've finally made an account here and I am trying to embrace it more.

    I am a big literature fan as well although I have to admit I don't have much of a background in Shakespeare. I blame my high school for that one (the only thing we read was Romeo and Juliet). I particularly like modernist fiction (Hemingway, Joyce, etc.) and some of the slightly later American writers (really love The Catcher in the Rye). I've enjoyed my small forays into postmodernism and also into Russian lit, but those areas need some exploring still. Who are some of your other favorite authors? What kind of poetry do you like?

    Welcome to ADISC!

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    Hi TFBMF

    I love to hear musical instruments played well. I used to play clarinet and keyboard until tenosynovitis (sp) and arthritis took hold, now I just enjoy listening to them being played and wishing I could still dabble.

    I am a "comma whore" personally, you would probably throw a fit if you looked at a section of my posts!

    I used to be hooked on Playstation games, we had a chipped original playstation that we played many games on, I was addicted to Spiro at the time, not.played in many years though.

    You probably already know that the forum is a brilliant place and that there are many wonderful people on it, well worth getting to know!

    I wish you a warm welcome and hope that you feel as welcome here as I do.

    Kind regards,

    CV x

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