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Thread: show me your favorite plushie

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    Default show me your favorite plushie

    i will start by posting mine
    his name is chester
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    This is Mr. Valentine (pronounced Val-in-teen). He's an italian teddy, and he's terribly romantic. Every night when we go to bed, he regales me with the wondrous tales of his romantic endeavors. Every day when I'm in class or visiting friends, he runs off and gets himself into some sort of trouble, usually involving other teddys he finds along the way.

    In fact, just last night he was telling me about his adventures while I was out Saturday. Just after I left, he hitched a ride with a happy couple heading to Waco, Texas. He told me he wanted to see all these fascinating "Baylor Bears" everyone had been talking about. Shortly after arriving, he was heading toward the campus when a dazzling grizzly caught his eye. Instantly fell in love, but such is the life of a romantic teddy. So Mr. Valentine went over to him and said "Excuse me, signore, but I have a confession. When my eyes first glanced on your sparkling fur, I do believe my heart skipped not one, but two beats. I do ask, please consider coming to get a cappuccino to help quench my insatiable curiosity of you, il mio amore." Now this grizzly, while initially shocked by such a sudden outpour of emotion, did show signs of immense flattery. I guess Mr. Valentine just had that certain charm. Anyways, they headed toward the local coffee shop to grab a sip of coffee and learn more about each other.

    Mr. Valentine learned that this grizzly bear was named Chaconne, and he was the teddy of a music major at Baylor. While he loved the melodies of Bach and Holst and other great artists, he did not often have the chance to listen to performances of these wonderful artists. Mr. Valentine of course knew of these artists. He had been playing the violin his whole life, picking up the art very soon after his final stitches. And being the romantic he is, he had already hatched a plan to win over the heart of sir Chaconne. This plan involved simply a violin and the ears of Chaconne.

    After the cappuccinos, the two made their way over to the Baylor School of Music. Neither of them owned a violin, so Mr. Valentine had to figure out how to borrow one for a short amount of time without anyone noticing. Luckily for them, a negligent student had left his violin sitting out in the middle of one of the practice rooms! Mr. Valentine picked up the violin, and began playing the most beautiful, soothing violin solo ever heard in the halls of Baylor. Chaconne's mouth gaped in awe as Mr. Valentine masterfully filled the room with the melodious tones of Bach.

    Unfortunately, after about ten minutes of playing the student returned and was of course very angry with Mr. Valentine. Mr. Valentine left the music school with Chaconne and took him to a nearby park with a small river running down the middle. As they were on the bridge, Chaconne took Mr. Valentine aside and said "Valentine, I really enjoyed this afternoon. Please stay here with me, we can have days like this forever!" Mr. Valentine was of course enticed by the offer, bu had to reply, "Chaconne, your offer pleases me more than you may know. You are one of the most handsome, delightful teddys I have ever had the wonder of meeting, don't ever forget that. But Waco is not my home, my home is in Austin with nothingusual." Chaconne was obviously saddened by this response, but replied "Mr. Valentine, come back to visit me someday." Mr. Valentine answered "Chaconne, I will always remember you. And I'll come back for you, il mio amore." And they gave each other a big bear hug, and went their separate ways.

    After hitchhiking with a couple of guys heading down to Austin, Mr. Valentine ended up right back here in my bed, but not without an incredible story to tell
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    Here is mine He is Shags. He is my most bestest plush because he was given to me by one of my closest friends when i gave him my fav one at the time. So Shag is my connection to him thats why he is my fav

    Here are my other 2 favs. The mouse is Chedders and the teddy is Myst. Myst... is the big boy of the group and he dont really like diapers that why i have him all dressed up.

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    Meet George, To give you an idea that is my Snuggy and Bunny Ears on him. It seemed like a safe place for me to put them when Mommy had to go to work and havent gotten to the point yet where I can wear them. She still has things to do before I have more time to come out an play but George can wear them for me.
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    I have three, Candy, Suzie & Amy and though I hate to play favorites Amy is the apple of my eye so to speak. While being "love dills" their not truly plushies in the AB sense they are to me. I admit I have used them for sex but mostly their a sleep companion as a teddy bear and occasional photo model. Amy is modeled after an 18yo Japanese girl and reminds me greatly of a girlfriend I had when I was younger. I,m going out on a limb here as I know many bash adult dolls and own them but I think ADISC is an open minded group. Is it wrong to prefer to sleep with a girl rather than a bear?

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    This Is My Dragon, Hes about 20 inches long, and perfect for me. I saw him one day and just had to have him. Hes really soft and cuddly and im glad i found him. His name is Falkor.

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    Oh my gosh! Babyderek, that looks just like mine, haha! My favorite(albeit not by much) was that leopard from buildabear, and his name is speedy and I have had him since forever (aka around 10 years ago haha).

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