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Thread: Underwear over diapers

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    Default Underwear over diapers

    The question is quite simple and mostly applies to those among us who wear their diapers in public, or wear them at home under clothes.

    Do you wear underwear over your diaper? Yes? No? Do you have special underwear for that (i.e. snug underwear to keep the diapers in place), or do you wear your normal everyday underwear over your diapers?

    As for me, I always wear my normal every-day underwear over my diaper when I'm wearing pants with my diaper for three reasons:
    (1) To keep the diaper in place and thus reduce the bulge and noise of the diaper.
    (2) To soak up small leaks before they reach the outside pants and become visible to the public. It happens quite often that there's a small wet patch on the underwear when I finally take off the diaper.
    (3) To avoid having to go commando when I have to take off my diaper before I get back home and can put on underwear. If my diaper becomes too wet, I can just take it off, pull down underwear and pants and continue my day in my normal clothes.


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    I never wore underwear over my diapers, unless it was winter then I wore my longunderwear over them, I usually don't like to wear diapers with Longundies because if you happen to leak there ia alot of cleanup involved.

    I wear lots of layers in cold weather, usually 2 sets of long undies, I don't like to be cold at all.

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    The idea of going outside without putting underwear on just seems weird to me, even if I am wearing a diaper. So the few times I've been out in public I've put underwear on as a habit more than anything.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I used to do that to keep the crinkle noise down. A lot of the newer diapers (Molicare, Abena) are less crinkly even though they are still plastic backed. So I stopped wearing underwear over diapers.

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    I do to keep the crinkle down. Boxer do that kind of okay, but they don't really help with holding it up.

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    No, I don't wear my regular underwear over diapers.

    To keep them in place and avoid leaks, I wear onesies and/or plastic pants over them.

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    Except when I have had the pleasure of being at home on my own, I have always done this. My boxers are quite tight fighting (purposely) so they are very effective at reducing noise and holding the diaper in place. Unless I am in bed, then I don't wear anything over them. I can't really wet lying down, so leaks aren't a problem, and I will probably be taking it off before I come into contact with people, so I don't have to worry about any glimpses.

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    I usually wear something over them...But there are occasions where I don't...When I do, it's to reduce the noise, although I don't really notice a difference...It just makes me feel better about it

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    I do, practically for the same reasons Peachy has noted.

    However, I tend to wear boxer-briefs over them. They still provide great noise-reduction, keep the bulge down and keep the diaper on nice and snug, but they also cover more of the diaper, reducing the chance of it getting seen.

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