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Thread: I think I'm an AB

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    Default I think I'm an AB

    Hello. I'm 18 year old, bisexual female living in the U.S. (Illinois). I'm also a furry. I'm a Cher fan, who is interested in the supernatural, spirituality, medical studies, psychology, animals, plants, prehistory, and the like.

    As for being possibly AB, I've always been looking for a "mother". I love toys, such as stuffed animals and the like, as well as baby blankets. I love to be taken care of, and yes, I do love to be babied (although I'm often afraid to admit it to most). I often feel like crying when I fall down, but don't as it's not socially acceptable. I always felt young. It's not quite that I don't want to grow up, but at the same time it is, and it's hard for me to understand what being 18 means, especially with how young I feel. I also have had fantasies of being a child of someone I like (not sexually, just like), or being a pet's puppy or something along those lines. Interestingly enough, I had one dream in which I was searching for my true self. I found a baby as myself. This was long before I had even heard of AB.

    I can, however, function for the most part when needed, despite a strong urge to be taken care of. In some ways people would even describe me as wise for my age (some would say naiive though too), and I do have mature interests, but at the same time, I never quite grew out of plushies.

    I came here because I strongly suspect I may have a bit of baby in me still. I want some help coping, and want to know if these are common experiences or not.


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    Heyo, welcome to ADISC.

    Don't have any worries about being an AB or not, you'll discover all that in due time. Stick around and you'll (hopefully :p) find the other members are quite helpful and insightful, and willing to help you understand the whole thing.

    So yeah... that's it for me. Welcome, again.

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    Welcome to ADISC, Otter!

    I'm sure you'll find yourself here in time, and accept yourself for who you are.

    I hope you have a great time here, and make lots of new friends. n.n

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    hello and welcome. it's kind of fun to see so many of my own experiences expressed in someone else's words.

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    Hello and welcome!

    I don't think we have an otter yet among the forum's furry population, so we're one step closer to setting up a complete zoo

    WHat you say about society forcing you to act more maturely than you want to sounds pretty familiar. Just about everyone of us has experienced the same thing. That's why we come here at times, because here no one will think bad of you for crying when falling down, or wanting a plushie or other behavior society may not associate with a mature adult.
    So I'm sure you'll fit right in

    Just one thing though: Do otters wear normal diapers, or swim diapers?


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    lol, I don't know about otters...probably swim diapers :P


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    Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

    I greatly value a woman's presence here, we need all we can get because the girl to boy ratio here is probably only about 1 to 50 lol. Which is most likely being a generous estimate. So I hope to see you around!

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    Hello and Welcome ADISC!

    I don't think we have a pool here yet. But I think we can do something about that...

    *blows up a massive hole in the ground*

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    Hello Otter... Yes, there are many here who identify with your feelings, as well as a host of others, like me, "just" dl. I have a furry persona in chat... BTW great avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
    the girl to boy ratio here is probably only about 1 to 50 lol. Which is most likely being a generous estimate.
    A rough guess-timate from previous experience has led to me believing that the ratio of females to males in the *BDL world is about 3-97. So 1-50 makes sense (since you can't have half a person) :-D

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