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Thread: Making a comeback!

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    Cool Making a comeback!

    Hey all. I'm not new here by any means but I did disappear for a couple years, so I figured I'd post another intro since everyone probably forgot about me. I ended up disappearing because I ended up on a purge and...well with any luck I can make that my last major one and stop needing to deal with that whole ordeal.

    So, I'm nsquared, I've grown up a little (in some ways, at least) and I'm now a few years into college for an engineering degree.

    Other than the whole DL thing and homework, I spend a fair amount of time developing software and gaming. Definitely of the nerdy sort, although I am athletic. I have a generally upbeat "life is good" sort of view of the world most of the time.

    So, now that I'm back again, I may or may not make a big appearance. I tend to like to lurk although I'm hoping to work on the whole self-acceptance thing with some community support. I'll be around, maybe lurking, maybe posting, depending on how much free time I have.

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    Welcome back to the site! I lurk a lot too, but hoping to post a bit more. I think this community is vital for support, oh and I totally understand the purge thing, been there!

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    Hi there. I am new to ADISC, so I have certainly not met you before. Nice to meet you!

    I am also a college student. Is there a specific type of engineering you're studying or have you not declared yet? I tried out engineering my first semester but I'm probably going to go more of a math/computer science route (since I liked the scripting aspects of using MATLAB but don't care so much for physics and the other natural sciences). I've just started taking computer science, though, so I can't quite "develop software" yet. That is pretty cool.

    I wish you luck in the way of finding acceptance. ADISC is very good for that and it has helped me even since I joined. I think the key is to recognize that this part of our lives is most likely permanent. Once that is acknowledged, I think it's constructive to start thinking about how something inevitable can be kept in balance.

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    I'm software engineering, which works well with my hobbies. I'm pretty much always embarked on some development project and it's basically become that my "free time" stuff and my "class stuff" are really not all that different which is pretty awesome.

    I definitely...acceptance has been a pretty uphill battle for me. There was a time when I had actually gotten there but after the parents finding out 5 years ago and being horrible about it (and they still bring it up as a "you might be mentally ill" argument- I've seen a therapist on my own accord and I am most certainly not), and getting to college just completely killed it. I realize it isn't going away but...well. Still working on it. Hopefully between getting off a pretty major purge and being with my boyfriend who has no problem with it whatsoever I'll be able to get over myself.

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    Hi nsquared, welcome to the site or I should say welcome back. I myself just joined last month so I wasn't here when you were last here. I came here to find out more about this whole ABDL thing and myself in relation to it.

    Good to have another software engineer on board the good ship adisc. I am also a software engineer and yes, I admit it, a computer nerd. I've been into computers since my teen years, graduated with a BSEET in my twenties and currently write embedded firmware for a high tech company. Do you have a favorite computer language? Mine has to be classic C, since I have been programming in it for so long.

    Sorry to hear about your experience with your parents. It had to have been a very stressful situation. Good to hear you found someone to be with who is accepting.

    See you around the site.

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    Welcome back and congrats for taking another step towards accepting this as a normal part of who you are. It's certainly not an easy thing to do but it sure helps having an accepting partner so I am really glad you found that. The more you comes to terms with all of this the less chance you will have if slipping into a binge and purge cycle again. Trust me when I say not going that route is much healthier for you both mentally and on your wallet. As for your parents finding out, I can only imagine how horrible that would have been, if mine ever did I would never hear the end of it, and I have been on my own now for over a decade. There are a lot of great people on this board use it as a resource and a companion and your life will benefit from it. I wish you all the best!

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