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    So I surprisingly qualified for the Daniels Fund scholarship. I'm currently getting ready for my interview which is in a couple of weeks. Anybody else trying to get the scholarship or have already gotten that scholarship/ similar scholarship that could possibly help me? That'd be greatly appreciated!

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    I will be honest. I don't know anything about this scholarship, and of course I could google it and tell you a better answer, but for now I will just tell you what I tell anyone going in to an interview for anything. Whether its a job, an internship, a college admission, or a scholarship... if the interviewer has ever done this before, then chances are they can easily figure out what is rehearsed, what is you trying to give the answer they want to hear, and what is other people's advice or words coming out of your mouth.

    I am not saying you should try to wing the entire thing... but don't go in there with a bunch of other people's ideas. Make it true to who you are. Think of some true honest stories about yourself that show the things they are looking for... character, integrity, hardwork, etc. etc. Don't just recite them... make them sound like you are actually reliving the moment in your mind when you are talking about them. Be as relaxed as possible, but still be very polite and use your manners. Don't sit until they tell you to or they sit first. Make eye contact. Shake their hand. Try not to use filler words like 'uh' or 'umm' or 'well' or 'like'. Make sure the stories and answers that you give them mean something to you. Show a bit of feeling while you are talking.. but don't like break down and cry or anything.

    But most of all.... relax. I have interviewed people before and I can't stand it when they are sweating and sitting like they are about to be electrocuted or something. Don't slouch, but don't be all tense either. Relax. Just talk to them like you would talk to a friend or family member. Don't let them intimidate you. Try to have fun and make them have fun too.

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