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Thread: tranquility ATN

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    Default tranquility ATN

    Was wondering where was the cheapest you found a case selling for

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    You could try xpmedical, not sure what the typical High/Avg/Low prices are on ATNs.

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    I use Disposable Medical Express they will beat any competitor's price by 5%, they ship discreetly, they do not send you offers in the mail, they have a $5 off coupon code in their online catalog, free shipping on orders over $25, and they have a variety bands including bambinos.

    I order a lot of diapers from these folks because they are located in Minnesota and i get my diapers in like one to two days.
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    Default Has a good price on those and they have free samples to try out sizes

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    Ok. I just got the ok from the gf to get whatever ones I want. So now I guess I need to know what the best diaper is.

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    I would reccommend the Abena L4s (or M4 for medium) and on disposablemedicalexpress they are about $60 for a case. The ATNs (which I love) are the cheapest I've found, at just $13.50 a bag.

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    You could also get some bunny pants(Bambino Bellismos) or perhaps a mythical case of Dry 24/7s. If you're really rolling in the cash, go to and order some Fabines, they're around $300/case after shipping, though.

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    xpmedical has the cheapest price on the Abena diapers but bamino is really close or even the same as xpmedical. I just like to give Gary the business for the abena.

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    I bought 3 cases for $60 from someone whom retaliative just died.

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