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    Hey ADISC! I'm Paul, and I love who I am! I'm just the typical high-school graduate living in that zone before the real-world comes knocking. But, in the meantime, I burn time away constantly playing games or working on my family's cars that always seem to break at the worst moments.

    I came to ADISC to find people that like to find little retreats from reality as much as I do. Finding ADISC has already helped me accept my love of diapers and age regression, knowing that I'm not alone, and I haven't even met anybody of the community yet!

    You guys have already helped me accept who I am as a person, even with my interest in the whole ab/dl scene. I'd love to finally network with you guys and give back for your help that you have already provided!

    Thanks for the open arms!

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    Hey there! I am also a recent high school graduate (now in college) and fairly new member of ADISC.

    What kind of games do you like? (I assume you're referring to video games.) I'm a big fan of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout games, and the Pokemon franchise. I haven't played them recently, but my spring break is just starting...

    That is the most annoying thing about cars. The car I drove in high school was having issues every time I turned around. It's really frustrating. My dad usually did all of the work on it though. :P That's impressive that you've been working on them.

    ADISC is definitely a great, supportive community. It is helpful to be in the company of others dealing with similar issues.

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    Haha, you're quick on the response!

    You're right in assuming video games, our generation is plagued with the addiction. Not that that is a bad thing... I love Bethesda games! I've played through the main campaigns on Fallout 3 and Skyrim, loved the games, but I have no money to buy the games for myself. I've been playing things like Garry's Mod and sandbox games of the sort, but I just got a new 360. As of then, i've been playing Battlefield 3 and Forza 4 a lot!

    As for the cars, you know how it goes... My mom and I had 2 cars between us, with my car being on its last legs. So I sell my old car, buy a used Volkswagen off Craigslist thinking it would be more reliable, then both of our cars break down! And on top of that, Michigan decides to finally give us 10 degree weather and heaps of snow... It sucks having to LEARN (that's right... I don't know everything) how to replace a wheel bearing in freezing temperatures, but it sure saves money.

    Nice to meet you, by the way!

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    Indeed, video games are great. My younger brother (not much younger) was a more avid gamer than I, but it was always interesting to watch. He played a bit of Battlefield 3. I was never that coordinated, which probably explains my attraction to RPGs, ha. Fallout 3 and Skyrim are great. They are almost inexhaustible, at least in the respect that I can do everything on a character, come back months later, and start fresh. I think my favorite semi-recent Bethesda release is Fallout New Vegas - it improves upon the gameplay of Fallout 3, I would say has a better storyline, and has a very interesting setting. If you get the chance, I would definitely recommend it.

    What is Garry's Mod? I've heard it referred to several times, never really knew what it was.

    That is really tough with the cars. It always seems like those issues come in waves, at the worst times. The good thing is that those skills will save you money for the rest of your life. :P

    Nice to meet you as well!

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