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Thread: Everyday diapers

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    Default Everyday diapers

    If you have checked one of my earlier post
    I've decide to make the switch to diapers full time, so I'd like to know what pull up or diaper (cloth or disposable) could work for everyday at home and at work. I'm a 28-29 waist. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me.

    I also like to share that I just when though my first full day in diapers.

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    My preferred diaper is the Attends with Waistband, they're pretty cheap and more effective than any of the store brands or Depends. Attends Waistband Style Large Briefs, 18ct, 4pk: Personal Care :

    That's the cheapest deal on them I've been able to find. However, if you're going to be in it for more than 4 or 5 hours, I'd recommend something more expensive like an Abena or a Bambino.

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    I personally like Molicare Premium Soft Extra for when I want to discretely wear during the daytime.

    Are you planning on using your diapers instead of the potty, wearing the diapers like underwear and still using the potty, or some combination of the two? This is likely the biggest factor in determining what you wear.

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    Kiwisy what would you suggest for a work diaper? The Molicare are good for daily home uses though

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    I'm retired so I got more leeway in what I wear and when. During the day I'm in a Dependeco AIO for around 7 hrs. Then I change into a Attends waistband style
    till bed time. Then I wear a Dry24/7 for overnight. For worktime hrs it would depend on your situation. Can you change when needed without problems and need
    to be discreet about it. I would wear something like an Attends Waistband or ATN With a onesie to help hold your diaper tight. They will sag a little when after a
    couple of wettings. If discreetness is not a problem then a thicker one would be in order such as a Dry24/7.

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    I thought I'd get some cloth diapers for home uses, but I sadly know too little about them. I was also thinking of using the Molicare night uses because I'm too small for dry 24/7 diapers. I need to be cost effected for to not go broke starting, and is there a scentless powder I csn uses by any chance?

    edit: As for work I really don't have a place to change at all. Maybe I'd be better off in a pullup of some kind.

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    If you don't plan to mess a pullup/Goodnites should be fine. Pants have come all the way off and back on again though

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    So from what I've gathered so far I've got this list of items to get.

    A case of goodnites (work)
    A few cloth diapers (home)Im thinking of going with the dependeco diaper that Oleman72 suggested they look really cute
    boosters (night)
    onesie to help hide my diapers
    Plastic pants

    If anyone has anymore suggest I'm open to any ideas or suggests

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    Default Re: Everyday diapers

    If you are just trying to stay discreet and that's your only priority during the day. Normally people get thinner diapers. That just forces multiple changes. You'd have to bring a few spares with you to work or wherever else you go. Attend's padding tend to fall apart after a couple hours or when wet. It'll fall toward the crotch of the diaper giving you an awkward feeling between the legs. Also Goodnites wouldn't be a good idea simply for the fact that you are near the end of the size range and the absorbency factor may also not suit you well during the day.

    If you don't wear tight hip hugging pants, most styles of diapers will stay discreet. I've worn Bambino diapers under clothing without any altercations. I've even worn the Belssimos in public. I usually wear a onesie over them. I'm not saying to jump out in the thickest diaper, you don't have to sacrifice much quality for discretion. With clothing that hides and quietens the diaper you'll be fine.

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    My work pants are really baggy, but I move a lot, so I still would need a diaper that would let me move freely. I found over wearing goodnites to work that I have to move the diaper around to get comfortable. what about the molicare diaper that Kiwisy suggested do you think they'd wotk better?

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