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    Default Helping girlfriend be comfortable wearing

    Hi all, im looking for some tips. Ive recently discovered im a DL and i also just talked to my girlfriend about it. She is wonderful and very accepting. In fact, she is even open to wearing as well which is great.

    I would like us to be able to wear all day and she said she would be open to it if it was more comfortable for her. She says when she wears for a while it gets sweaty and isnt that comfortable. Has anyone run into this issue and any tips to make it more comfortable for her. Weve tried mainly pull on diaper styles.

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    How hot is it where you live? In the summer all diapers are going to sweat unless you're in an AC'ed place, however in the winter I've yet to have my diaper sweat at all.

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    I live in wisconsin. It is cold here now. I think even just wearing in the house is when she finds it uncomfortable. Do you do anything to make sure you dont get diaper sweat? And do you wear underwear over your diaper?

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    She could use some baby powder, it should help to reduce the diaper sweat and posible rashes.

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    Ease in slowly. If you have her lay down naked and diaper her in two layers of super-thick abenas with baby powder and baby oil and fasten it up and ask her to wet it for you so you can change it, you're gonna have a bad time. First time, let her just wear one for feel. Have it during non-sexy times. Let her wear it under sweatpants- just to feel what it's like. Use a cloth-backed pull-up to make is as un-diaper-like as possible. Let her put it on entirely without you. If she wants to let you see it, fine, but don't push. Later that day, ask her how it felt.

    If it went well, then sometime try having you diaper her. Something simple like depends. Make it as non-threatening as possible. Don't have sex the first time she openly wear around you- just go around wearing them. Think about sex after she can wear a diaper around you without embarrassment or reservation.

    If she's interested in trying wetting, work that up separately. Have her learn to pee in the shower on her own. Then when you're also in the shower. Make sure she's totally cool with it when the water is washing it right away first. Then build up similarly.

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    Baby powder usually gets rid of the nasty sweaty feeling for me.

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    Im just wondering if you guys are using plastic backed diapers, because a cloth backed diaper would have better air flow and be far more comfortable, especially in heated conditions.

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    Looks like using baby powder may be a great idea. So far she has only worn cloth backed diapers. Tena underwear mainly as well as depend silhouettes. I dont put the diaper on her or make her wet as thats not something i desire for her. Instead, we are just trying to find a way to make it more comfortable for her to wear casually around the house or as we go out and about.

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    I guess cloth backed diapers will do fine. I would say, give her a little selection.
    No bulky ones, something like: cloth backed molicare, attends slip active (those with big 2 tapes) and some tena or cloth backed abena m1/2

    And like AEsahaettr already said, don't push, just don't force anything.
    Give her some time to think about everything.
    Maybe try to comfort her a little more with simple things, just not too obvious, while she is wearing, but don't remind her about it .
    And try to avoid things she can't stand.

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