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    When I wet the bed, I lie on my back most of the time. If I'm awake at that moment, it feels like the pee is disobeying gravity and tends to go upwards. I would expect, certainly as a male, that it would fill the back first?

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    i would think that if it's dry, the padding nearest to the flow would wick it up first before it spills down to the back

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    When I lay on my back the pee always fills up the back of the diaper even if I am dry.

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    Maybe it depends on which way you're pointing. I try to keep mine pointed down and when lying on my back, it goes down between my legs.

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    I used to have the same problem, just make sure when you're putting it on, don't pull the front up too tightly and leave more space on the bottom. It should solve your problems, though it takes a bit to get used to how it feels.

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