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Thread: Back from the Uro, question about ISC ?

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    Default Back from the Uro, question about ISC ?

    Well after a few tests and scans etc I've been told I've got to self catheterise 4 times a day as I'm not emptying my bladder properly. Im finding it quite painful pushing the tube in, will I become less sensitive to this? or will it always hurt? As they can't find any physical cause I'm awaiting an MRI to check for nerve damage. I'm hoping the ISC will lead to less leaking and bed wetting. What are some of your experiences of ISC? I've heard mixed views

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    I have to self catheter but everything is numb down there for me, so I don't feel it at all. It's been a big improvement for my incontinence though.

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    Well tried for 30 mins to get it in this morning, just wasn't going to happen, so gave in cus it was making me sore. tried again after lunch, managed it but my bladder still feels full? Don't think I quite managed to drain it all! any tips?

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    Years ago, when I was seening a new specialist about my incontinence & bedwetting issues... ISC was suggested.
    I questioned it from the beginning, as despite the fact that sometimes there's some retention... it's not something that occurs with a high frequency - or not to the point where it should be a big issue.
    Anyhow I'm not an urologist and I would GIVE A LOT to get rid of the incontinence or be able to go for long periods without pull-ups / pads / diapers...
    So I went along and gave it a try.
    I was given the run down on how to do it, and was given some Cathethers that are pre-lubed (sealed packs with the lube/liquid already in there in a top-reservoir...).
    At the doc, it was nasty enough (painful, problematic, took me three tries). but he said it would get easier with practice.... yeah.. sure.
    Went home and tried it a few times... my urethra burned like spiced with chilli-poweder for about a day after the first few times... I felt VERY irritated there. and I was in almost constant pain, as well, I driblle... and every drop that passed involuntarily through there caused me pains... Call me stupid, but I tried it for five days in hopes that it would get better... nope, got worse.
    Phoned up that doc, told him the thing and he said, that sometimes that's just how it is.... takes a while.
    Made an "urgent" appointment with another urologist in the area... gave him my background, etc.... and he said there's not much of a reason for me to do this... and I stopped.

    Well, I don't know what went wrong... not sure if my urethra is oversensitive or to "thin" or whatever... or if he gave me the wrong sized cath...
    I took all precautions: santized the area around the uerethra opening with an antiseptic made for mucuous membranes... sanitized my hands, put on surgical gloves - again sanitized... created a semi-setirle field (I know - probably overkill... but hey, I'm not fond of bladder infections)... used high grade caths... but still VERY UNPLEASENT.

    I truly hope I never will REALLY be forced to do this for an extended period of time.

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    Well it does seem to be getting less painful now, as my technique improves n I learn how far I need to push it in etc.. and its definitely decreased the frequency issue, especially at night, sounds like it really disagreed with you EP01, I'll see how I go, I'll keep you updated, thanks guys

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    I have been doing ISC for years and occasionally use a Foley overnight,long story.
    Yes,at first it is painful and uncomfortable afterwards.If it's too bad ask for some Instilagel or Cathegel (NOT Cathegel mono though as there is no anaesthetic in it).It's a lubricant,numbing agent and disinfectant (helps stop UTI's) gel in a round tipped syringe.
    You inject it in the urethra and massage it up and down the urethra (while holding the end of the penis closed,if you have one,if not put a finger on the urethral meatus) After a couple of minutes go ahead and catheterise,it won't hurt at all and will slide in easier,it can be a bit messy so put a towel or underpad under your genitals.
    You may ache when the anaesthetic wears off later though.
    After a few weeks your urethra will have toughned up a bit and be far less sensitive.When I do it now I have no pain or irritation of any kind during or after,I have to use a catheter to stretch strictures I have that make urinating difficult,uncomfortable and causes allot of leakage afterwards as the trapped urine in the urethra leaks out.
    After dilating it's like a new urethra,that is until the stricture tighten up again and I have to re-do it.The strictures are also partly responsible for my residual urine that doesn't drain.
    One thing that can make a massive difference is the make of catheter.I have tried hundreds,some so called prelubed ones are useless and extremely difficult to get in,oh,and painful even for me.
    The best of the lot are the Coloplast Speedicath,they are coated and come ready to use out the packet,none of this wetting them and waiting for them to get slippery.

    Hope this helps,ISC for me is a god send I'd be far worse off otherwise.

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