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    Exclamation aches

    my head just feels like i have been hit with a sledgehammer and it has been here for the past few days i am guessing from all of the stress in my life from having to deal with my roommates problems and problems at work so any suggestions to help would be appriciated

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    I'm not very knowledgeable concerning stress relief, but this is something you should pursue. For me, I listen to music, I write, and when the weather's warmer, I get out on my bike and ride. It's good to find things to do which will make you happy. Being happy is an antithesis to stress. Exercise is a good starting place as it releases endorphins. Even going out for a walk, if you live in a reasonably pleasant area.

    I work two jobs and my wife is on a life support machine, a kidney dialysis machine. I'm her dialysis partner, so when I come home from my second job, at night, I immediately begin the process of getting her on the machine. There's a lot to do, and if her hemo-catheter has a clot, I have to try and clear it. It's not easy, so there is a lot of stress in my life. My day job is teaching junior high kids math, and my evening job is as a church music director.

    We all have stress and it's probably the prime factor which deteriorates our health. Finding meaningful ways of managing it is paramount. Go on line for solutions such as Googling "stress relief". I'm sure there will be many good ideas out there.

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    I just learned about stress in my health ed class thank you college!

    There are six components to 'wellness'. (Wellness being defined as optimal health for an individual).

    Physical: Exercise and diet are your two number one ways to relieve stress. Do you smoke or drink? Those cause cluster headaches around the eye and temple on top of stress being a contributing factor to said aches. But your body will become stressed if it's not physically healthy. Exercise releases endorphin's and can ultimately give you self-confidence and purpose if used consistently. Diet controls EVERY function of your body and life. So eating healthy will make you happy. Eat whole grains instead of refined and snack on fruits and veggies instead of processed food. Your body will thank you for it and release more happy chemicals instead of imbalancing them. But don't think you can stack vitamins and nutrients to make you automatically healthy. Get your nutrients from whole foods, not pills and supplements.

    Emotional: Are you in touch with your emotions? Do you understand how you often feel about certain situations and why? Analyzing your thoughts can help you control your reactions to them. We can't control all stress factors in life, but we CAN control how we react to them. This sort of optimism can really change your entire outlook on life which will in turn help you smile more and generally feel better about yourself and your life. Try writing in a journal to analyze your thoughts like Dogboy said. It really helps to look at yourself honestly as you would view someone else that would tell you their emotions and problems.

    Intellectual: Don't forget, your brain is still a muscle! Maybe not technically speaking, but you have to work it out to keep it sharp. If your brain is sluggish and underused then it will become chemically imbalanced and make you depressed. Do brain teasers, read interesting ideas and articles, or just sit and think about stuff that racks your brain. Think of these things as challenges instead of obstacles and overcome them with a smile on your face for the accomplishment you're achieving.

    Interpersonal: How is your love life? How is your relationship with your friends? Do you socialize a lot or are you a recluse? Communicating and socializing is important in relieving emotions and listening to other people's stress relieving techniques. Plus it gets your mind off the stress and provides a network of people who should want to help you if you help them. Be kind to others and they will be kind to you!

    Spiritual: Spiritual wellness doesn't mean you have to believe in God. It just means you have to be comfortable in your beliefs. It means you should have optimism about your views over distrust and hatred.

    Environmental: How is your home life? How are your neighbors? How is your neighborhood? Do you enjoy your surroundings or do you dread going home every day? If you don't like something about the areas which you deal with and live in, change them. And if you can't change them personal, maybe you need to change your surroundings.

    You could also consider Workplace and Financial Wellness.

    Workplace: Do you enjoy your job/career? Do you socialize with your co-workers? Do you feel like you're worth something to your job? Do you have goals towards achieving success or are you just biding time and making money? Feeling confident and proud of your career are very important factors in Workplace Wellness.

    Financial: Is your checkbook balanced? Are you in debt? Do you feel anxious/nervous about whether you are going to make ends meet? Worrying about your finances (especially as a male in today's society) can be a huge contributing factor to stress. Ask for help if you need help.

    All in all, you can't fix stress related issues like chronic cluster headaches with a band-aid approach. You have to change your lifestyle and feel good about your life to change that.

    If you have any questions, ask! I have a health ed and nutrition book available to me as well as some very knowledgeable teachers. Feel free to message me personally or just reply here.

    I hope you feel better!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also if you want to talk about any problems in particular, I'm a great listener and love giving advice. Feel free to talk to me even if it's on a personal level rather than an academic one. Plus I really enjoy helping people. Makes me feel good

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    so my head hurts still pretty badly and now i am really warm but i feel like crap

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    Now might be the time to take your temperature and consider that you may have caught some sort of bug. If it persists, I'd see a doctor.

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    This might be a good time to see a doctor.

    Headache can be a result of high blood pressure, overstimulation (like bright lights or loud noises), some infections, tumor and other brain anomalies, stroke, and a number of other things.

    Fevers generally signal an infection.

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