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Thread: Upset over potential sanctions, North Korea threatens to nuke U.S.

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    Default Upset over potential sanctions, North Korea threatens to nuke U.S.

    Furious over sanctions, NKorea vows to nuke US - Yahoo! News

    They better go ahead and destroy the world, because I'm fairly certain they would not want the retaliation of that action. They're going to get a lot of innocent people killed, and the majority of those people will be from N. Korea.

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    I half wonder if the media is making this up or if NK is actually stupid enough to say something like that.

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    They're dumb enough to say. I don't think they're dumb enough to do it. Iran has a higher chance of attacking Israel, and I don't even think that's gonna happen.

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    Did they even think what we would do if they even tried that?

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    Default Re: Upset over potential sanctions, North Korea threatens to nuke U.S.

    Well, if their nukes are anything like their rocket tests, they're only going to blow themselves up or kill a bunch of ocean life...

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    Damn, I was in the middle of producing my anti-NK propaganda video to send to Kim Jong himself. Now I have to redo it to address THIS!

    Just kidding, of course.

    But really, North Korea can't even launch fireworks. Speaking of fireworks, they really shouldn't screw with a country that celebrates freedom by blowing stuff up. I would encourage them to do it. Show us what you've got, Un. Meanwhile, I'll get my popcorn and a pre-recorded laugh track.

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    If Dennis Rodman were a real American, he'd have snapped Un's pudgy little neck while he had the chance. <mental image of all of North Korea recreating "ding-dong the Witch is Dead" from the Wizard of Oz>

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    They are dumb enough to say it- North Korea is not known for smarts anyway. North Korea is like the gorilla in the zoo who pounds his chest and wants attention from the world. North Korea has been playing this game for years- the big difference is that the kid Kim Jong-Un has more western-education than his father and grandfather had so he is trying to play the game not knowing that war is not the answer.

    I've always been leery of North Korea more than I ever was Iraq, Iran or any of those middle-eastern countries because we didn't have a war with them that ended the way the Korean War did- technically the two sides are still at war, they never formally ended the war. So, for years I've been leery of North Korea and wondering when that was going to flare up again.

    But before you ask, do I want war? HELL NO- I am tired of war and seeing the senseless stupidity that comes with war. I just hope that North Korea settles down and grows up some.


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    I thought it was in retaliation for us sending Dennis Rodman over.

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    I'm just more wary of NK than other unstable countries because they are batshit insane and entirely unpredictable.

    If this new round of sanctions go through as proposed it may finally kill the false bravado. The current sanctions are laughably easy to get around.

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