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    Default Halo all fellow AB & DL people

    Hi there

    I would like to introduce myself as a new yet very excited Diaper Lover.I first got seriously interested in the ABDL scene last year September and after toying with the idea of actually buying a pack of diapers to try(not to mention building up the courage to), I finally did and just love wearing them so much!

    It was an experience that I would never have thought I'd ever consider having and have no regrets though.I must add that I'm from South AFrica, Cape Town to be more precise and would very much like to get to chat with some local people should there be some on here.However I am open to chat with anyone.

    Ok so in a nut shell that is me and my story and I really look forward to having a mutual respectively good time chatting and interacting with any fellow users who have the same ethics.

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    Howdy and welcome to ADISC! I hope you make some friends here and find plenty of topics to engage in.

    It's cool to meet somebody from South Africa. My wife and I recently watched Invictus--a truly inspirational movie!

    What do you think caused your sudden interest in the ABDL scene last September?

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    Hey there and welcome to ADISC! Wow, from South Africa? How do you like it there! You are the first I've met from there, not that I'm saying there is no one you could meet that also is from there.. I just probably haven't met them yet. Still, it's a wonderful first.. would love to hear a little more about there if you feel like sharing.. whatever sounds comfortable and not nosy to share.

    Also, if you feel like sharing... what sorts of things do you like and dislike? Your hobbies and interests would be wonderful to know, because I feel like it gives you much higher chance to make some friends to talk to, to not only express your interest in the subject matter, but whatever else you are interested in too! That way you could find a super duper friend! I can't help but be curious about your ethics as well, just because they seem important to you? Since you want to interact with those that have similar ethics, it would be lovely to know them. I personally love getting to know anyone, I think all the viewpoints on the site really make the place a diverse and wonderful place where all different types of people can get support.

    Anyway, I hope you have oodles of fun. I think this is a pretty fun place, and I have a feeling you'll feel the same!

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