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Thread: Buying Diapers

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    Does anyone else get nervous? There's only one place I know where it's not as much of an issue but every other time I get so jittery. Last night I'm waiting in line when the place is somewhat deserted and this cute girl opens up a check stand for me as I'm the only other customer in line. I was embarrassed as she held up a package of depends and at the same time kind of excited. I'm just wondering if anyone else get's these feelings buying.

    p.s. I buy a birthday card like 50% of the time I buy to have an excuse.

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    Order online, if you can order online go to the store to buy them when it's BUSY, and when u got other shit you need to buy, believe me in a dead store people have the time to look at you, look what ur buying (no one cares btw) chat to you etc, Go saturday morning or whenever the busy time is, there are so many people, with so much of their own stuff going on, you will be lost in the crowd, it's called hiding in plain sight

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    There's a good thread in this subforum that addresses diaper-buying anxiety. I myself am comfortable enough with buying small batches, since I'm usually buying other things at the time anyway, though I am a bit nervous about getting a large pack, but that has more to do with getting them into the house

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    Quote Originally Posted by IDriveOn2Wheels View Post
    but that has more to do with getting them into the house
    Does no one own bags any more?

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    i usually go when there is no one in the store like a week night or early on Saturday or Sunday..

    they don't really care though... the only thing i don't like is that I'm going to a college and most of the employees are students there... so i usually wonder till some switches out with someone i usually don't see.

    but I know what you mean, I usually feel like I'm going to have a panic-attack when i have to walk up and buy them and hand them cash... i just look at them and smile like its a joke or something ("smile like your up too something and keep them guessing" is what i read on this poster and ive found it too be helpful at most times)

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    I think maybe I just don't care, I've gotten condoms and pull-ups together at a store before now,

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    I was nervous first time too, fortunately there are 2 large 24 hour supermarkets near me so I just go in at 2am and use the self service machines, they don't have a big selection of adult diapers but im somewhat limited to what I can order online.
    Difficult to explain a massive box of adult diapers to your parents when the postman brings it at 11 in the morning :/

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    When I use to buy from the store it was nerve racking, however no one ever brought anything up

    Now that I have a bank account and a debit card I just buy online, personally it's a much better experience. Sure you pay for shipping but there is a much better selection on the internet and you don't have to worry about going up to a register to buy diapers.

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    I also prefer to buy online. But if i have to in the store i go to a nearby walmart as it has self checkout lines. I just then triple bag my diapers otherwise they are pretty easy to see through. I have also gone through checkout lines woth someone else checking me out and then i just try to act confidently and that im not ashame of what im getting.

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    It has been a while since I bought diapers, but I also get really nervous, I get you. I can't buy online because I live with my parents and they don't know about this, so I can't get large packages of diapers because I'm not at home all the time, but if you live alone i think it's better to buy online.

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