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Thread: quesion : is it normal for men or boys to want their hair really long ?

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    Default quesion : is it normal for men or boys to want their hair really long ?

    Hi there.

    is it normal for men to like to have their hair really long ?

    I mean like past their shoulders ?

    i have alwas wanted to have my hair really long. I was wondering is this something unusual or not ?

    I mean not many men/boys have long hair these days.

    Anyways i was wondering and a bit scared about why i want to have it really long and if it makes me partly girly or something else thats a bit weird ?


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    I wanted my hair long when I was younger more to show people I liked heavy metal music and play guitar. My hair is naturally lighter colored, but in my character I'm more brunette. Never gave a thought of whether hair length makes someone look more like a boy or a girl. I'm not huge on seeing super long hair on anyone personally.

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    It's dependent on culture but I expect you know this. The more relevant question is "is it okay?". It's generally okay. Some jobs may not allow it or just frown on it, so there are certainly practical concerns. If it's important to you, give it a try. It comes off easily enough if you don't like it or if there are unpleasant consequences. Are you perhaps detecting a pattern with your questions about what's normal?

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    My husband is not ABDL or Sissy or anything but plain ole vanilla, straight man, and he loves his hair long and his beard even longer. It's just preference and culture. I don't think it says anything to one's sexual identity unless they directly associate it that way themselves.

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    I've been growing my hair out for almost 4 years now, Other that a few names here and there while I was in high school I have mainly come under no fire for having my hair long.

    And Trevor is right, don't think it's just big wig jobs that won't let you work there if you are a man with long hair, Togos and Subway refused to hire me because my hair is long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tennismad View Post
    Anyways i was wondering and a bit scared about why i want to have it really long and if it makes me partly girly or something else thats a bit weird ?
    When you say you're worried about why you want to have your hair really long, what do you mean? Also, why is being 'partly girly' a 'bit weird'? What does being a 'bit weird'/'partly girly' mean to you? Do you think it's wrong to be a 'bit weird' or 'partly girly'?

    As a frame of reference, I used to be bi-curious when I was your age; I don't think that behaviour was either of those things. I'm a straight male now (simply put, I just love women too much as a man, not that I don't think some guys are pretty buff) and one of my best friends is transgender. She was born female in a male body. She's still normal and she has long hair and - yep, you guessed it - she's 'girly'.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is - and i hope this doesn't sound patronising (I don't mean it to) - forget trying to answer these questions, ask yourself why you've asked these questions in the first place.

    And grow your hair if you want to don't let me stop ya!

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    Default Re: quesion : is it normal for men or boys to want their hair really long ?

    Its really popular Metal and rock culture. Learn guitar and no one will question it.

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    Define "normal". See, a long time ago, I realized something that may offend some people, but makes the world make a lot more sense. Ready? Here goes:

    Everyone is weird.

    Seriously, think about yourself. You've probably got something about you that's a bit odd, unusual, or quirky. Congratulations - you're officially weird! But don't feel bad, because this is true of literally everyone else on Earth. Just to name a few examples from myself: I wear diapers purely because I like to, I like ketchup and mustard on my fish tacos, I am absolutely fascinated by those little drinky birds that bob up and down, I refuse to download apps on my phone because they intimidate me, and I unironically love "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. We've all got a list of things that make us weird - and that makes us normal!

    I guess the point of all this is: don't worry. Whether long hair is normal or not doesn't matter; whether it is or not, we're all weird anyway, and being normal is overrated anyhow. Embrace the weird! (And do what you like with your hair, as long as it doesn't lead to unemployment as others have mentioned).

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    I'm a man with no significant transgender tendencies and I love long hair. I don't think it makes a person specifically girly. The only reason I have it a bit shorter right now is, indeed, because I'm looking for a job and it's harder to find one as a man with long hair.

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    I don't think it's strange at all to want to have long hair. I have longer hair that's been growing for nearly two and a half years. I must say, I've received nothing but compliments from most people to include women that have even asked what I do to it to make it so wavy and majestic. I have received the occasional 'get a haircut hippy' from drunken ROTC kiddies at college but beyond that, I haven't been coined a freak for having long hair. Around these parts long hair and beards are really starting to catch on. My only quarrel with having long hair is the increased shampoo usage and longer drying times. It's also been known to freeze on my walks to class but I suppose that's the price men with long hair pay.

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