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Thread: I've Got A Feeling Tonight Is a Good 'Goodnite'

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    Default I've Got A Feeling Tonight Is a Good 'Goodnite'

    It appears I've ghetto-rigged my way to satisfaction finally. I got a brick of Walmart 'Assurance' pull-ons in the smallest size before I discovered the Nitepants (for those who haven't read the reviews, it seems these come closest to original 'vintage' Goodnites, WTM). I was disappointed with the Assurance immediately after ripping the pack open and thought to just save them for 'dry spells' so to speak.

    While I'm impressed with the NitePants I was bummed that they're no match for the 3-4L of my daily Diet Coke intake, and the Assurance, well they're assured to sag rather badly.

    So, for shiggles I decided to see what would happen if I doubled up. I found a roll of medical tape and drew 4 foot-long strips back to front over the Assurance to take up the slack in the top elastic. Immediately it felt about 10 times more secure, and still does.

    A few minutes after I did it all up I felt an urge, so I gave it a decent wetting close to what's probably regular porcelain pressure, and it held nicely. I'm estimating it's probably good for 2 or 3 really hard wettings this way. I now feel content enough to drift off without any worries of oversaturation.

    Updated: tapes held securely through the night, even with 2 additional soakings. Bedding is still dry. One of my best sleeps in a long time
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    Default Re: I've Got A Feeling Tonight Is a Good 'Goodnite'

    Perhaps it is best to upgrade your stash online. You'll spend more money doubling. Get better diapers and have less labor to do.

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