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    Hi, I haven'T posted yet on the forum but ... let introduce myself.

    I'm abdl since forever... I like to wear diaper and let me go in them ... as you I guess

    I just got a pack of prevail breezers, any of you have reviewed them yet ?

    I don't like cloth-like diaper but ... let try them now !!!

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    Welcome aboard! It's good that you seem to be comfortable with who you really are. Just something here that might help everyone get to know one another better; maybe you could tell us what some of your other interests are, since there will be lots of opportunities on the Diaper Talk forum to discuss the one thing we all have in common.

    I'll just give you the Reader's Digest version of my life:
    I have an overlap of ADHD and an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Due to the way my brain is wired, some milestones in life weren't reached by me at the same age as my peers, one of the results was almost nightly bedwetting until I reached 18, and during those times, not much was known about Neurodiversity, so my family took the position that I must be doing it on purpose, which led to my father once angrily pinning me into a cloth diaper before going out to dinner.

    Despite my challenges in life, which people didn't understand due to my high intelligence, I did succeed in gaining in-demand specialized technical knowledge which helps supplement my paltry disability allowance. What started out as a special interest in vintage mopeds has turned into where people from miles around tell me I'm the only person willing to fix their motorbikes.

    I live back at home for mainly financial reasons. I have a male/female pair of grey 'Tiels for pets, and there are 2 dogs and a cat in the household

    I've been on/off Christian since the age of 7, and made a conscious decision to believe in Christ in 2002. I play several musical instruments, and at my previous church actually served on worship 7 out of the 8 week roster on the varied instruments. At my current church I help out by driving the parking shuttles, and am learning to be the "A-V Nerd" for the large recovery group the church supports. I couldn't believe God would let anyone burn for what we do, but it's the people who get the wrong idea. Enough about that...

    I enjoy almost every genre of music, though I'd rather play the songs on guitar than listen to a CD or music file.
    I play golf from time to time, though another new member expressed their interest in disc golf and that inspired me to check it out.

    So there's some things about me, I'm sure you have an interesting story

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