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Thread: Review of Cherokee/Circo footed pajamas (Target)

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    Smile Review of Cherokee/Circo footed pajamas (Target)


    New to these forums here but I have bought quite many footed pajamas over the last few years This thread is about the Cherokee/Circo kids footed pajamas and how they fit me.

    I am about 5'9 and weight is about 165 Pounds (175 cm 75 kg)

    2008/2009 models (Cherokee) Boys size XL 16/18

    If i remember correctly this is the year when their footed pajamas were marked XL 16/18 and they had little stars on the bottom of the feet. They fit me pretty well and the sleeves were long enough. I got the Dinosaur, Airplane and Skulls ones. For some reason the skull ones are a bit larger/wider.

    2009/2010 Models (Cherokee) Boys size XL

    These were way smaller and did not fit very well at all, sleeves were too short and felt tight all around. This year the soles of the pajamas were plain white. I have the ones with spaceships.

    2010/2011 (Cherokee) Boys size XL

    Feels like these were too tight, maybe a little bit wider than the year before? These ones have larger non-skid circles on the soles. I have the ones with spaceships.

    2012/2013 (Circo) Boys XL

    These have more width and fit me much better than the 2009-2011 models. Still I wish they could add to the length a bit. I have the Dinosaur skeleton ones.

    I really like the model and quality of these sleepers. They have two layers of material in the soles that keeps the feet warmer + a zipper that runs all the way down the left leg.

    I feel I'm just a little bit too tall for them but it is true that the material will stretch a bit over time. Still I wish they could make the a little bit longer. Maybe they'll have to since kids these days grow much faster or why not make adult sizes with exactly the same pattern? I would buy.

    Please tell me about your own experiences about these sleepers and how they fit and how to get them to fit better



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    Nice job on your review!

    I'm about 130 pounds and maybe 5' 7". I really have enjoyed both the Cherokee and the Circo sleepers. I discovered them in October 2010. I've been wearing them to bed ever since. They are really warm, and it helps out during the winter months. But yeah, I'm a big fan of them.

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