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Thread: My first Fabine!

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    Default My first Fabine!

    Following on my recent post about my first experience with Dry 24/7 here's my thoughts on the Fabine, the almost mythological European premium nappy!

    First off they fit my 32 inch waist considerably better than the Dry. My immediate thoughts were that the Fabine is ext similar to the Bambino Bellissimo but I'd run out so could not do a direct comparison!

    The Fabine was super soft with a wide crotch. The tapes held up with one secure effort and no readjustment needed. The print design is nice and adds a different image to wearing them around. the little elastic on both the front and back definitely help make them feel nice and snug!

    Their absorbency was almost spot on par with the Bambino, roughly holding 2ltr before a leak appeared. The wicking was also great and I didn't feel wet until the butt padding was thoroughly soaked.

    Overall I was extremely happy with these but for the price in Aus I'll stick to the Bellissimos. now to wait patiently for my next delivery...

    has anyone done a direct comparison between these two before?

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    i ordered a pack of 10 from abu universe when they had sold them in 2011 and what i did like of them is they held alot and where soft and felt good to wear what i did not like the tapes would not stick that was my only problem with them

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    I did the same as you zakie. They are truly an awesome adult baby diaper but not really practical. I still have five of them though for those rainy days

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    I didn't think they felt any thicker than dry 24/7, but the print was easily one of the best prints I have ever seen in an adult product. Like all other diapers, I did have an abundance of leaks when I was sitting or lying down.

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    Damn thread I wish I didn't read it! I just went on their website, OMFG what a nice looking nappy, turns out non of the blue M's in, just the xmas design, that's far to fembot for me!

    So being a tubby coat wearing mofo I orderd the large, now M4's fit me nice, L4s bit big, so these are about the same fit, but so what, if it's bigger, I'll just wear it higher, I'll cope, I'm big enough to wear it well,

    but DHL from germany to the England was 17euro 1 bag of 8, so I went for 3 bags of 8 from germany, cost plus shipping plus taxes 62 UK (about $100USD) this is a lot for 24nappies, it's 2.50 a go, and it's another jumpy time waiting for a DHL truck as it's going to be like at least 14 days!

    I'll let ya'll know how it goes x

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    All these posts and not a single link? DaaAAAaaang...

    I do like the prints on these, but I have to say that if there's one thing that's going to make me feel baby-diapered, having a URL slapped on my tush isn't that thing! Too bad they had to do that. It's not like the AB/DL diaper market is so saturated that people don't know what they're looking at.

    It is cool that they did a Christmas-themed diaper, though.

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    size L printed 8 pcs in the bag Fabine Exklusiv - Buntewindel <- slightly more English /less German version of the same page :P

    IT helps build the brand, esp if they get used in porn or something, it's all about brand these days, most people are happy to have "reebok" slapped on their kicks

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    Well I may look at my diapers a bit different than a DL-only or AB-Only person for a few reasons:
    I'm Incon and a Bedwetter... and a DL - and really not into AB stuff at all.
    When while ago I was again in that mood where I thought I'd look around and see if there's anything new on the incontinence product market that might fit my needs better I of course came across that fabine diaper and got myself a pack of the WHITE / no-Print model. ( I assume they're identical to the print-version, but for the print of course).

    Review summed up: I really disliked them - a lot.

    - THICK... makes me almost waddle... I'm constantly reminded of wearing a diaper (no I don't mind wearing diapers, but I like to lead a normal life and sleep comfy... and constantly being reminded of that diaper doesn't help)
    - They get very "Gel-like" once wet - feel odd and uncomfy to me
    - "too absorbent" - I for one like to change when I'm moderately wet... hygenic reasons, smell, comfort, health... but a diaper that expensive, I simply don't really feel "Ok" with changing when they're half-filled, though I've been in them by that time, for too long to feel still "clean".
    - Plastic is very "sweaty" by the legs
    - Plastic rips easily... creating a SERIOUS mess.
    - Sags quite a bit.
    - Price
    - Not easily available (with my needs I like to be able to get hold of the products easily & quickly).

    I found them to be inferior in anything but the supifying capacity to any major good brand disposable out there (Tena, Attends, Molicare, etc.)

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    I still want to try one, tho with shipping as much or more than the diapers,
    and eBay being crazy high for them I have to pass for a while.

    Tho I am not one for very thick diapers more so around the crotch
    unless I will be home all day. I hate walking around in them, it feels uncomfortable to do so for me.

    Cause the thickness is compared to Fabine and that makes me not want to get them as much.
    Tho I love the Dry 24/7 absorbency and for days I just wana stay at home all day I would still love to try them.

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    Think is good for fetish, gel is good as holds moe, plastic makes a bnoise, it's idea for fetish, and sags are solverd with a popper vest etc

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