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Thread: Pets getting you caught?

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    Default Pets getting you caught?

    Just went to put my plate in the kitchen sink after eating dinner, and one of the dogs was virtually glued to the couch cushion where I was sitting. I've got very slightly wet NitePants on, not leaking, and a fresh-this-morning pair of jeans. If I dropped any food it would have been long gone. This happen to anybody? (animals drawing attention to you)
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    sometimes I know my dog can tell that I smell different and he starts smelling my diaper area. I guess it normal for a dog to stick his nose in someones crotch so that is not such a big deal, i always am emberrased that he knows something is diferent. even if he cant tell anyone verbally, which is great for me, others might pick up on his intense interest in my diapered bum

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    I'm not quite sure what you're asking...

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    Hell, my dog got me caught.

    First off, I absolutely hate this dog. Back in high school, it would always bark at me whenever I came home for absolutely no reason at all. I wasn't even mean to him or anything, he just chose to not like me.

    Anyways, I came home after my first semester of college in this past December and decided to get some diapers since I'd have a room all to myself. I had trash bag set up between the wall of my room and my bed to put the used diapers in (my bed was right up against the wall, you really couldn't see the bag at all). Anyways, I was out with some friends and when I came back, the bag was ripped open and diapers were all over my floor, with that damn dog sitting there in my room. He ran out right when I got in, and I assumed I had caught him the act. I put all the diapers back in the trash bag, put it a littler higher, but in the same place. I then put pillows along the base of my bed so he couldn't get over to the bag, and closed my door so he couldn't get in.

    About three days later, I went out again with friends. When I came back, paranoid me decided to check to see if everything was alright with my secret bag. Well when I checked, the entire bag was gone. Looked down the crack and just saw the carpet below. Damn, my heart stopped for a whole minute, I swear. Turns out my mom had come in to my room (not sure why, maybe she was vacuuming or something) and left the door ajar. The dog had gotten in then, slipped past the pillows, gone under my bed and gotten the bag from there. My mom must have found them ripped up bag and it's contents all across the floor.

    My mom came in my room about 15 minutes after I made the discovery and asked if I needed to see a doctor or something (she of course thought it was a medical issue, which it isn't for me). I just told her it was sexual and it's best to leave it at that. And we have never talked of it since.

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    Oh my god, nothingusual. That's horrible!!!!

    The only problem I have is my dog driving her nose into my crotch when I'm wearing a wet diaper. It's just me and my wife, so it's no big deal, but it's annoying. Bad dog!

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    I wore diapers around my last dog, but my family knew (it was at night for actual bedwetting) so we couldn't really say she got me caught. That and I've not worn diapers at my parent's house since then. (they don't ahve a dog, but have a cat now)

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    None of our pets have turned me in yet, though they've certainly seen plenty! I suppose this could go both ways, however. If one were to have an accident and be less than completely successful in their attempt to clean it up, hide the smell, etc., then... sorry, pooch. Under the bus with you!

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    Thankfully, I've never had my dog do something that alerted the rest of my family... *crossing fingers*

    However, he was actually the first living thing that saw me in a diaper AND was there when I wet for the first time(minus being a baby, obviously).

    I remember it being me and him out in a tiny backpacking tent on a very VERY cold night out in the woods once. I had packed a few of my very first actual non-pull up diapers. I still to this day don't know why, but for whatever reason it was crazy embarrassing to have him see me in a diaper. I actually ended up waiting until he was asleep before putting it on. :P

    Of course, the noise of getting it on woke him up. And I remember the look he gave me upon waking up and seeing me frozen in nervousness, in the middle of trying to get my first ever diaper taped on.

    By the way, as a random tangent...sibe huskies make great, portable backpacking pillows if you're lazy like me and dont bother packing one for a winter backpacking trip in the snow :p.

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    My cats give me funny looks when I'm diapered - Probably a combination of the sound and the smell (they're way better at us on both of these senses).

    But it's OK cause I made them promise not to tell anyone

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    Seems like when I go at night, the dog has to go out.

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