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Thread: really happy

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    Default really happy

    today i bought i onsie from xpmedical then i bought some bambino bellissimos

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    im a bit jealous

    i need to send in a order for some bambinos teddys

    i already got a onesie

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    yup i love my bambino diapers i also ordered the abu sissy diaper super excited to receive those

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    Two things...

    You can never have too many diapers...

    Or too many onesies...

    I need to place an order to 24/7 soon...they handle the 4care onesies...which I'm liking a lot...

    They fit a bit snugged especially in the hips/ waist area...the baby pants ones are a bit too roomy...

    Then again my gf says I'm built like mr. Incredible...54-56" chest and wear men's small a 32" waist...I can never get clothes to fit rite...usually get 36" jeans to fit my legs...but then take in the waist...I hate belts too...

    Usually just wear swim trunks all summer...they always fit

    I'm glad your happy...I am too to get warmer pj's on...


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    Bambino Bellissimo's are my favorite! They are so cozy and thick! Also I like the sort of gender neutral design on them. What kind of onesie did you get zach?

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    i got my onsie at xpmedical and why are bambinos so expensive?? lol

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