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Thread: Your sleepwear for the winter season

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    Default Your sleepwear for the winter season

    This weekend, we had the first snow of this winter season. That brings up the problem of having to dress appropriately to keep yourself warm when it's cold outside. Ideally, the temperature in your bed room (or when you go to bed) should be lower than the normal room temperature, so the question is: What do you wear to bed in winter time?

    As for me, I usually wear a sweater and sweatpants around the house anyway, and in winter, I just don't take them off when I go to bed. Every now and again, I also wear a footed sleeper to bed, but that doesn't happen too often.


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    I wear footie pj's to bed if I don't have to wake up early...Otherwise just what I always wear to bed, which is just underwear and a shirt...With plenty of blankets :3

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    Usually underwear, but quite often nothing at all. I sleep hot, and so my duvet is usually more than enough - even in the winter, I find wearing anything to bed too hot. It annoys me somewhat, because I'd like to someday get a footed sleeper, and it'd be kinda useless if it was to hot to sleep in it.

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    I've been pretty warm, despite it being cold... I usually leave my window open a little bit.

    I always sleep in underwear, because I find sleeping naked uncomfortable.

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    A thin t-shirt and partially thick shorts all both keep me very warm and I sometimes sweat so I take off the shorts if I do

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    I like it cold, but I have flannel sheets, so the footie pj's are an option. I really like them and I do wear them more in the winter, but boxers and a t-shirt are o.k. too

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    I'm always cold, because I can't sleep without a fan going...(NOISY neighbors)

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    Footed PJ's once it's cold enough. Some nights I'm too warm to wear them but most nights I do.

    Only problem is in the morning I'm so comfortable I don't want to get out of bed :/

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