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    Hey there, i am wanting to try some Tena diapers, and ive never worn them before. I would love to know which is easy enough to hide under your clothes, little to no crinkle, and will work for someone who has both forms of incontinence?

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    What do you mean by tena? Tena briefs? Pads? Guards? Underwear?

    Their underwear (pull ups) are very soft and look nice, but leak like crazy and overall are not worth buying. Pads are more a female thing and completely outside my experience. Guards are just that, guards, not really a diaper or worth discussing as anything but a minor medical aid.

    I think tena briefs meanwhile are great. They are pretty thick, but not over the top like dry 24/7. They won't hold as much as molicare or abena, but are somewhat more discrete. They have plastic taping zone which can give off some crinkle, but they are mostly cloth and not nearly as loud as bambino or xplus. They are louder than molicare though. They will most likely work for both incont. uses, but body shape etc does have an effect which means they don't work well for everyone. Don't buy a case until you try them, but I would certainly recomend a sample or even a pack or two just to test run them. They are very soft, a nice day to day diaper, but expect to change them more often than higher end diapers, and I wouldn't trust them at night.

    Overall, they are worth a try as they really are good while still being affordable (try, but everyone is different and you need to experiment with different products to know what works best for your needs.

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    I use tena super amd maxis, in medium with a pair or boxerbriefs or briefs they are very good with cargo pants and a hoody, also wear no probs in suits and stuff, nobody ever notices and i wear when ever im out generally, unless i know theres a bathroom close by

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    Tena in the US are all cloth covering style. Even with thin pants on they make very little crinkle. If youre in a place with ANY amount of ambient noise they are not audible at all. Down- side is the fit isnt that good and no elastic leak gaurds make them kinda leaky.

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    Abena Abri-Form Premium has good coverage front and rear and have very little crinkle.

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    I have been using the Tena Strech during the day time, it is a different type of diaper and I really like it

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    I wear the Tena Slip Maxi (the UK plastic backed one, can't comment on the cloth versions) and it's fairly discreet compared to other diapers I've tried. They're thin when they're dry but, be warned, they can swell up quite a lot when wet. In terms of noise they don't crinkle too much compared to other brands I've tried. They're also quite good at trapping and neutralising smells.

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    I have tried both the tena womens underwear (plus) as well as tena protective underwear (extra absorbency). I tried the womens as i picked up a pack for my gf and she wanted me to try one. I really enjoy the fit on both and they are not really noisy at all. We wore them out in public and you cant hear them at all. We both wore jeans and it was easy to hide. I also have worn dress pants/suit and you couldnt tell i was wearing the diaper.

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