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Thread: This Lifestyle as a Motivator to Lose WEIGHT

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    Default This Lifestyle as a Motivator to Lose WEIGHT

    So I am currently in Love with the adult size Super Undies. They are hands down the most sophisticated, high tech diapers I've come across. The problem? I'm a 38" waist (my fattest ever) and the diapers are for a 36" waist. Do they still fit? Yes. BUT! They could be a whole lot better fitting and more comfy. So this has turned out to be a strange new motivator for me to drop two inches! Also, I wouldn't have to get rid of a whole slew of pants.

    So my question to ab/dlandia is this: Whether to fit into diapers, a onsie, or to look more babyish in general, have you been motivated by this lifestyle to loose lbs and get down to just a little baby fat?

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    While that was certainly one of the many factors in my drive to lose weight, I can't say that it has ever been the only reason. My general health, wanting to fit in my cuter clothing, the feeling of being ugly, and many other factors went in. Still, the lifestyle was another reason to get myself motivated, so it deserves to be mentioned as a factor.

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    i wiegh way to much. and i just bought a cloth diaper and it fits but just barely as of this last week i have been working on dropping wieght to fit into it a lot better . i have always wanted to but never had a drive behind it but this has done it for me

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    It definately encourages me to stay trim. I know I'll never be a slight build, but I don't believe I would enjoy being a chubby AB. I am also very conscious of keeping my health in check.

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    Diapers never have and never will be a motivator for weight loss. I recently took a BMI (Body Mass Index) screening. My BMI number was only 1 point off from being in the optimal target range. So I'm quite happy to wear the size of diapers I am wearing now.

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    My BMI number was only 1 point off from being in the optimal target range. So I'm quite happy to wear the size of diapers I am wearing now.
    I am very jealous. : )

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    I eat a LOT, yet I remain skinny. Im only a 30 inch waist, but i'm 6'2" and only weigh 150 lbs. My dad thinks I'm anorexic or something. But im thinking its an uber high metabolism since i can eat a huge dinner and be hungry only a few hours later. I also havent hit the gym in years. Its totally weird, I only seem to grow vertically... Being a broomstick does have the perk of fitting into smaller diapers though!

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    I tried to use this as a motivator to use weight and then I realized that the true reason I wasn't able to do it was because too many other things were tying up my free time. If I had the free time to utilize I have no doubt that I would be able to shed some weight with or without smaller diapers as motivation.

    However I'm in decent physical shape so finding that time isn't the biggest concern yet.

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    I was on a particular ADHD medication for the last few years that brought me back down to a 34 which was my HS graduation clothes, from a 36 that I'd pretty much stayed at. Since I changed meds a couple of months ago the tightness in the 34 pants was starting to come back. I'm 5'10 and had a high of 230, lately I've been hovering around 190/195 and my Doc said my BMI should be showing 170. SMH

    So, is a diaper going to help me keep the weight off? I don't know but I have a theory about heat retention sweating the pounds away. I do notice I've been craving less nicotine since wearing, the last several days I've gone 2 or 3 hours between feeling like I *need* a puff where before I was going crazy at the thought of having to go more than an hour without a smoke, so in that way it has to be one of the best anti-smoking methods I can think of, which has to be healthier either way

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    I would say it is for me, for the first time in my life I can't fit into Medium sized diapers comfortably and am now in larges. I am working hard to drop enough weight to go back to mediums because I like them much better.

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