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Thread: Adults can now be legally adopted!!!

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    Default Adults can now be legally adopted!!!

    As far as i can tell, Full grown adults can now be legally adopted! This can now apply to the ABDL community! Check this out! - Free Adoption Information with our free eBooklet
    There is a free booklet all about it at the URL I posted above.
    So, if you truly DO want someone to adopt you, this is the way to do it...It would have to start like any other adoption....
    Here are some stories about other adults, some with disabilities, that have been adopted by other adults...thus proving that they are legit and legal too:
    Adult Adoption - Mentally Disabled Adoption - Adult Adoption
    Adult Adoptions
    Is there an adult adoption agency? - Yahoo! Answers

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    Is there an adult adoption agency?
    I am just wondering because I understand there are alot of children that age out of social services care without parents. Surely someone has set something up to help them find a family by now lol.

    4 years ago
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    I'm not really looking for an organization for help or volunteering. Merely just an adoption agency for adults. If some exist for international adoptions I don't understand how something doesn't exist for the children who age out of the system.

    4 years ago
    MamaKate MamaKate
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    Dear KA,

    There are adoption agencies who handle adult adoptions but they are really something that can be handled through a probate court. In most cases they can be completed without a lawyer.

    States have different laws pertaining to adult adoption and people need to know the statutes for their location. Simply call the local probate attorney or Probate Court Clerk to get the information for your area. Many states even offer the necessary forms and instructions on their State Court/Justice Website.

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    It sounds a bit tough and in some states and cases, not really doable.. but I suppose there is probably a very slim minority that this sort of thing might be doable and neat for. Still, this doesn't seem like something that is really going to happen a lot for most AB's. That and from what I can tell, a lot of AB relations sometimes have a sexual aspect to it.. which would violate various other laws and if there is a sexual aspect to your relationship they probably wouldn't allow it.

    I noticed something in the first story though, it ends with "Adoption is in the heart." It's totally true. I would hope many people would know that if you and the person that you are involved with love each other enough.. and see each other in that way.. you don't need the United States or any government telling you what you are. You already are. ^_^

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    That would be the ABDL version of marriage if I have ever seen one.

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    But it severs ties with biological parents. In some states you have to be declared incompetant to be adopted. This type of adoption is for adults who want to be legally included in families they were not born into for inheritance/ medical... Ect. Or for invalids. I had looked into this a few years ago. I for one am not interested in severing ties with my real parents.

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    Somewhat related interesting fact - in Japan, most of the 80,000 adoptions per year are of adult men in their 20s and 30s!

    Adult adoption in Japan: Keeping it in the family | The Economist

    It's nothing to do with ABDL (even if the picture on that article makes it look that way), but instead it's to do with ancient Japanese traditions of passing businesses on to family members - and if there are no sons to pass the family business onto, the parents will often adopt their daughter's husband, who will take on the new family name and be entrusted with the company.

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    This really depends on what you consider adoption and the legal standards in your particular jurisdiction. In at least most places in the US there is really no provision for adult adoption because such a thing is never really necessary. It is possible that they are playing with guardianship laws, but then this is not really adoption and doesn't apply to persons that are legally responsible adults.

    Adults often adopt others into there families as a sort of emotional and/or relationship status even though there is typically no legal standing.

    I would be very leery of this website simply because they are charging and what they suggest doesn't seem reasonable. At the very least I would strongly suggest that anyone interested in using this service check the company out thoroughly first.

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    Most of the adult adoptions I have heard about are done to get around restrictions in trust funds or a way for same sex couples to get some legal recognition.

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