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Thread: Nursery ideas and wife's take on my ageplay

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    Default Nursery ideas and wife's take on my ageplay

    Got talking to my wife today and we ended up having a nice long discussion about ageplay and my interest in diapers and abism in which we got to share our own takes on the issue and also sort some things out (she has known and being very accepting for many years).

    I told her of how I dreamed of having my own adult-sized nursery some day and found out that she has herself no interest in ageplaying. She tells me that she is uncomfortable playing a role but has no problem indulging me in my interest by feeding, dressing and changing me. She says she likes it and it makes her happy but she has no interest in either playing a baby/child herself or playing a particular role.

    I found out that she would not be interested at all in any play involving food and diapers but would be okay changing me if I were wet.

    The coolest thing was that she was very excited by the nursery idea. She loves interior decor and design and we shared many ideas about what would be in the nursery, what the walls would be like and the colour palette, even how one would get into the room (ideas included a door in our bedroom or study or maybe even through a walk-in wardrobe).

    It was really great to discuss the ideas and find out she was so excited about the nursery ideas (even though she's not so comfortable (yet) in playing roles when I ageplay).

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    That's great.

    My gf is about in the same place...

    She doesn't mind some fun play...but, doesn't want to be diapered...although that may very well change...

    I had one on her awhile ago...she fought me but then after on she mellowed out and it wasn't a big deal...

    We've talked about a full nursery but, right now isn't the best time, there are lots of things left to do at the new house before we work on that...

    Now, I have a feeling we will be talking about it again this summer, her art studio is fairly done now, and the new master bath will be done...had to change some things for other reasons so it's not complete yet...

    Being open with your interests up front is hard,but, easier then later...

    Even though she doesn't want to be little I'd suggest you try to convince her of trying it...she may like some aspects...

    My gf doesn't want to act babish, but, she likes being completely taken care of...

    You'll figure out what works...


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