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Thread: Awkward & Embarrassing moments.. total fail.

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    Default Awkward & Embarrassing moments.. total fail.

    So today I had a good friend over and he wanted to show me something online. Of course my browser in the search bar says "diaperbois" While typing in the address bar you see other embarrassing links appear from "rupadded" I've taken caution before to set private browsing but I must not be careful enough. Even for good friends, I feel no need to ever be open about this unless they are ab/dl also.

    I just hate when you know somebody saw it but nothing was ever said which is kind, but wow...I just feel really stupid & embarrassed over this. If this happened to you & or has what would you do?

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    Yeah, I've had this situation happen to me a couple times, though it was other stuff in my case. I haven't had this happen with the AB/DL stuff I am interested in yet. I guess I kinda share that stuff with my close friends though..

    I sort of just try to be honest at that point, just because I would rather set the record straight and explain myself rather then they think something incorrect. Generally they are understanding, but I wouldn't want them thinking something incorrect about me. Then again, I have a thing for wanting to be seen a certain way by people.. would rather be hated for who I am then loved as someone else.

    I'm really sorry. I know it can be really scary when someone stumbles into something you aren't ready to share with them yet.
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    I have reoccurring dreams where abdl stuff shows up on my comp and I can't get it to go away. In the mean time a bunch of people see what's on my computer screen.

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    For myself, one of the more embarrassing moments was where I was sitting with some family members (who I hadn't been expecting to be around that particular day). Because they arrived so suddenly, I didn't have time to ditch the diaper I had on at the time.

    Anyways...we were sitting there in the living room watching something on the TV, and during one of those pauses in between a show and the commercials, where the TV is silent, one of tapes on my diaper decided to violently pop off.

    Having a loud pop and subsequent crinkling come from underneath your pants while surrounded by family is...not the best situation. :S

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