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Thread: Great helpful articles brought me here

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    Default Great helpful articles brought me here

    Hi folks,

    Short-time lurker, first-time poster

    I felt compelled to join by reading the helpful articles and posts by landing here via The Big Blue "G".

    I have an overlap of Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD, I've carried the latter Dx off and on since pre-kindergarten though I briefly held a Dx of classic autism before that.

    As I'm finding out, a lot of this condition correlates to the bedwetting issues I had until I reached 18. I had very few genuine accidents in early childhood, and excepting a one-time diapering by my angry dad as a bedwetting punishment when I was 8 or 9, and an experiment or 2 with them as an adult, the interest hadn't hit me this hard until very recently,

    I try to hone my relationship with my Creator, I go to church every week, and volunteer at some services as well as the recovery program they host. This is having me feeling at odds with what people might think if they knew, but I weigh that with "I cannot logically see how God COULD have a problem with people who are neither hurting nor harming ANYONE by doing these types of things" [/soapbox]

    Let's see, I live back at home mainly due to finances - I'm rather independent for the most part. I enjoy being outside when it's sunny. I play several musical instruments and enjoy listening to nearly every genre of music, though I'd much rather be playing the drums or guitar. I have 2 pet cockatiels, and there are 2 family dogs and a cat. My other main special interest is vintage mopeds, and to a degree scooters and motorcycles. I've undertaken several solo long-distance journeys on big bikes and small ones.
    I have a Wrongplanet account and a Youtube for my musical creations.

    If there's anything I failed to cover here, or you want to know more about what I've shared, I'd like to hear it.

    Thanks for reading, and for the knowledge

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    Quote Originally Posted by IDriveOn2Wheels View Post
    Hi folks,
    Welcome to the posting world, and a super big welcome to the site IDriveOn2Wheels. You seem like an exceptionally awesome person, and so it's my pleasure to be your welcome wagon to this wonderful support community.

    You posted a great into, so much so that I wouldn't need to ask you questions to feel like I got a bit of understanding of what type of person you are. Still, everyone loves questions right? I would love to give you some for a reward, if you want. I also have birds, the same type of birds you have.. (can't spell their species so I'm not even going to try).. what are your pets names? Are there any interesting stories to their names? What about your username! It's really neat and stands out, any particular story with that one?

    I personally found the feelings that you expressed about your faith very lovely especially, and that part of it stood out. I would most certainly hope that God would be kind and understanding to those that want to do their best to help and love their fellow man, who don't hurt anyone, but do things outside the social norm. The feeling that you expressed made me feel those types of things, and I'm always happy to see people with such positive faith. Very beautiful, actually.

    I hope you become a long time member to the site and a long time friend to some people here!

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    Welcome to the site, and great introduction. I'm a church music director with a college major in organ performance. Most of my playing now is on keyboards and piano. I to enjoy getting outside, though my two wheel choice of transportation is my Trek 7.5 bike. I love riding on our bike trail, which is an old rail line which traveled through the foothills of the Shenandoah Mountains, crossing the James River.

    I like all sorts and styles of music, from classic to rock and jazz. I hope you enjoy the site, and I look forward to seeing your posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigglemuffinz View Post
    . I also have birds, the same type of birds you have.. (can't spell their species so I'm not even going to try).. what are your pets names? Are there any interesting stories to their names? What about your username! It's really neat and stands out, any particular story with that one?
    The male grey is named Zeno, after the founder of the Stoic movement (he didn't vocalize for about a month when I brought him home) and the hen, also a grey, is named Lily since someone pointed out that it sounded like her peepings. The U/N is from my preference to riding motorcyles, mopeds and scooters. I like cars all right enough but not enough to own one. This in itself makes me appear odd to the average person!

    @dogboy, very cool job I have to say! I really admire my church's version of you. I'd love to sit in with the band some time but those cats are all so good! That trail sounds like a superlative place to pedal. Then there's that underlying aspie fascination with railroads to boot

    Thanks guys for the replies, and shaping it to be my second-second-home I'll be sure to see you again on the boards

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    Welcome to the site, I am new as well. I found your point on faith and ABDL very insightful. I have struggled on and off with that issue as well throughout the years and have pretty much came up with the same conclusion. If we arent hurting anyone else or ourselves, really what is wrong or imoral with it. I have reached the conclusion that there isnt anything although I doubt the majority of the folks outside this forum would feel the same.

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    Welcome to the site here.

    I take it, given some of the topics you brought up, you've read my article?
    I have a few diagnoses myself, and I certainly believe growing up with conditions such as these can indeed increase the likelihood of becoming an ABDL. I also am Christian and struggled from the same moral/spiritual dilemma you mentioned. Likewise, I decided there wasn't anything specifically wrong with what I was doing, so long as I kept my faith in God and didn't invest a horribly unhealthy amount of thought/time into this side of me. I did, however, believe it was wrong for me to not accept myself and allow myself to be, well, me, lol. So, I've given into my ABDL side much more to help put myself at peace over the matter. It really has helped.

    Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your time here. Welcome.

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