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Thread: Brands in Mexico? Paales en Mxico!

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    Question Brands in Mexico? Paales en Mxico!

    I'm travelling to Mexico soon. Do any of you know of brands available there that aren't available here in the US?

    Thank you!

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    I go to Puerto Vallarta often. I normally buy the Tena Slips (regular or overnight) at Walmart or Mega. I've tried the Depends and a Mexican brand when there, but neither are as good as the Tena. The only issue I have with the Tena ones is that they use a sticky tape, and that doesn't hold up well in the heat. But there's nothing like the feeling of wandering around wearing shorts (loose ones!) and diapers.

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    There's also a Tena comfort, which contrary to the other countries one's is a diaper and not a pad, it's the crinkliest thing I've ever worn, there's also a depend nocturno, which has little stars on it's cover and I think those don't sell in other countries :3

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    To which part of Mexico are you coming? In my city we have Tena Slip (pretty good quality), Affective Advance (also, good quality), Depend (regular quality), Diapro (cheap version of depend, made by same company), and several others... I basically buy Tena Slip / goodnites, depending on my mood. We have a ton of selection, though. Just walk into any pharmacy or supermarket and you'll see complete aisles dedicated to both baby & adult diapers, it's really cool

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