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Thread: Anyone know what the stretchiest baby diaper is?

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    Default Anyone know what the stretchiest baby diaper is?

    In the past I've tried and fit into...

    Cruisers 6
    Pull-ups 4t-5t
    Underjams (whatever the largest size is)

    I'm going to stick with baby diapers over adult diapers because I mainly do it for the emotional connection. That said, are there stretchier diapers? As I said, I can fit into all the above ones, but I want to try something new.

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    luvs 6 are very stretchy, as are pampers baby dry 6

    oh yeah - and Vintage benetton size 6's stretch out quite a bit, and my hips are about 31"
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    If you cant get them to fit you can go down and get some scotch tape and tape two diapers to gether measure by placing your self in between two taped up diapers , then tape them up and wala you have a diaper that fits. 7you should try the bambinos , you can order them on line.

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    in my exp. luvs 6 and pampers 7 BUT pullups fit much bigger people then actual baby diapers, to the best of my knowledge. They have velcro on the sides which aids a lot of people.
    good luck.
    if the baby diapers aren't working, there are goodnites, and then a variety of adult diapers made to look babyish (bambino, abuniverse, classy comfort etc.) that a lot of people like. I personally recommend Bambino.

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    I don't know if they are available at all outside of Sweden, but Libero XL+ diapers are by far the largest I've tried. I'm not saying they will magically fit most adults. I'm very thin and I can get in them somewhat. However, the tapes have popped more than one time when bending over and such.

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    I've tried the following diapers;

    Luvs size 6
    Huggies size 6
    Pampers Baby Dry size 6
    Pampers Cruisers size 7

    I have a 31 inch waste, and suprisingly, the baby dry size 6 give the best fit of the above diapers. Putting a few staples in the 4 tabs make them last a very long time without tearing too.

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    before I got out of shape, I could fit into 4t-5t Huggies Pull-Ups. but after getting depressed and sitting all-day my waist became too wide to wear baby diapers. however if you reach the point you don't fit theres usually adult diapers you can find off ebay that are meant to look like real baby diapers, hopefully that will still keep the emotional connection you have. or and besides ebay theres sites like bambino.
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    the best one in the uk if you can get them are :

    Libero (Size 7)
    Tesco (Size 6)
    Wilkinsons (Size 6)

    hope it helps

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