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    Hi All.

    I am Nigel, an ab/dl from Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. I have been since I was 5 years old (so that's a long time!). On reflection, I consider myself to be about 30% ab and about 70% dl. All my adult baby tendencies are focused on being punished as a toddler / young child rather than being treated as an actual baby.

    Many times in the past I have thrown away all my nappies and things in a futile attempt to rid myself of this fetish, only to find myself compelled to buy the whole caboodle over and over again at great expense. I have given that behaviour up now and accept that this is how I am.

    After years of resistance I have come to the conclusion that I must meet, or at least talk to, others like me. So here I am on

    All the best.

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    But what do you do when 'usernametaken' is also taken?

    You can't go and be 'usernametaken2'. And if they take 'usernametaken' it's just tacky to be 'usernameistaken', you know?

    Hope you enjoy reading and writing stuff. On this site. Yeah! Have fun!

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    Hi Usernametaken

    I'm glad to hear you've decided to become more accepting of your ABDL tendencies. I'm also a newbie here, but I'm sure you'll find plenty of people here who can relate to your experiences. Though I've personally never done he whole "throw everything away, pretend it isn't happening" thing, I certainly have gone through phases of being more or less willing to indulge myself in my fantasies - and it can be really confusing.

    Hope you meet lots of likeminded folk here

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    Hey there, I too have been through the binge and purge cycles way too many times over the course of my life. It's not healthy and it's certainly not financially smart either. I stopped that pattern roughly four years ago and just started wearing just diapers at night for bed most nights of the week. It became a good balance for me, I would still have periods where I would want to wear longer and add other items like plastic pants, pacifiers, etc. but those were not nearly as often once I just found a way to incorporate diapers in my day to day life. I am now engaged and have a live in fiancÚ and that being the case have had to cut back a bit to wearing one night a week which has led to more urges to binge. I really do believe its all about finding the right balance for you and what makes you happy. You, me and everyone else here likes diapers, and that's an awesome thing that binds us together.

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