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    I like to be treated like little girl that need to be diapered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjunwei View Post
    I like to be treated like little girl that need to be diapered.
    Hi there mrjunwei and welcome to ADISC. I'm sure you'll find that that the interest in that is something you'll find some common ground on with some of the great members. Even I can totally understand the appeal of what you described.

    Know that we know what made this site appealing to you, it would be great and really help give your introduction to the site a little more flair to learn just a little more about you! Whatever you feel comfy about enough to share would be really awesome to know. Just simple things like your hobbies and interests, the things you do for fun in your spare time. You listed shopping in your non-AB/DL interests on your profile.. what sorts of things do you like to shop for? I'm a little confused with your username, what does it mean?

    Whatever you feel comfortable sharing, I hope you make some friends and be a great friend to many here and have the best of times on ADISC. ^_^

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