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Thread: What Are You Asking for for Christmas?

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    Default What Are You Asking for for Christmas?

    Hey, I'm simply wondering what people have asked for for Christmas and what you're hoping to get. I can never think of things to ask for when it comes down to it, because everything I want is music-related and excessively expensive. I can only think of small, impersonal things that wouldn't make me too excited like CDs I could buy myself. Oh well, I guess that's part of growing up. Maybe by sharing your gift ideas (and wish lists), I can think of some things to ask for.

    On a related note, what would you ask for if money was not an issue? I know there are many things I would ask for if they were not extremely expensive, such as a Rickenbacker 360 or Gibson ES-330 (guitars) or possibly some recording equipment or an analog synth. It's kind of dumb to think about getting such things, because it is hopelessly impossible and sickeningly materialistic, but oh well, share your dream gifts anyways.

    Actually, this whole thread is kind of sickeningly materialistic and anti-Christmas, but let's discuss it anyways!

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    All I asked for was some model cars, an Xbox 360, and an ear peircing. I know that I'm atleast getting some model cars.

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    After tonight a Footed Sleeper. It's damn cold here for me. <_>

    I think my dad might go for it. If not I can chip in half (at the current price) or I can just use the money I guess I'll be getting from mom and maybe my older brother (my biological one). Anyways being 21 its odd to ask your dad for a footed sleeper for Christmas.

    I'd hate getting one sent to me by my AB older brother I am already in debt to him for, two sippy cups, a plushie and a 8 pack of bambino's for the past two birthday's.

    But really a footed sleeper is all I want in a gift. Unless someone wants to get me a new mini-copper and GPS system.

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    I asked for lots of toys and plushies, a long sleeved onesie, clothes, crayons and coloring books, and other cool stuffs ^^

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    I've never asked for money for Christmas before... but I have everything I want already. I'll buy some CDs, and then save the rest for food, rent and alcohol.

    I'll probably get some 'little bits' from friends and my sister, which I enjoy. Cheap things that have sentimental value, always good.

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    I never ask for anything, because that just makes sure that I won't be disappointed and that the gifts that I do get, I love!

    Not to sound like Mr. Moneybags (which I'm not, I just like to think that I have the patience I need to save for what I want), I can usually buy most anything that I would like to have on a regular basis, so Christmas is just that much sweeter.

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    Um, well my family never gives money... and they won't get me something unless I ask, so I end up getting stuck, I don't want to ask for too much, or anything.

    But this year I asked for a Wii with guitar hero, and a Tablet for the computer. From my Grama I just asked for Clothes, the Twilight Series, The Clique Series, and the Gossip Girl Series (books) and that will probably come to quite a bit.... so I'd be ecstatic if I just had one.

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    I don't ask for anything, because no one will be giving me anything anyway.

    Besides if I want something I just go and get it, but I think I will call the new car I got last month my christmas present.

    But then my birthday is in Feb, and I usually get myself something nice then also, I have no idea what to get myself this year.

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    Some fencing kit. I need to get the full selection of kit sorted out, because I am getting tired of using kit from the club I go to.

    Also, a copy of the Album 'The Wall' - after watching the film I expect it might become my favourite album.

    Also, some Radiohead sheet music.

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    I won't be asking for anything. I haven't in a long time. My family has discontinued the whole gift giving thing quite a while ago because it's pointless to buy something before Dec 24 when you can get the same thing for half the price two weeks later. Not to mention that it's a big relief from all the Christmas stress - while other people run around like headless chicken, trying to find suitable presents I can sit back and relax


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