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    Hey guys,

    So I ordered some tranquility diapers from amazon. Because I have some nosy college roommates I did not want them shipped to my house, I discover that a store near me has a amazon locker. I got it shipped to the locker and they txt you a code and you pick it up its so sweet. It's kinda like a PO BOX, I would recommend that other try and use this as well!

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    Not a bad idea, though I'm assuming you have to order through amazon to use an amazon locker? I've been thinking of getting a PO Box to take delivery of diapers while I live with 5 people but I'll be moving in a few months and it will be just my GF and I so probably not worth the hassle for now, when I can just get them delivered to my door soon enough.

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    UPS will hold your packege at a distribution center for no charge, or send it to a local store for a fee. Sign up at

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    Dont get a po box, most places charge a crazy amount to ship to them instead of a home address. Go with ups, fedex, amazon, etc

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