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Thread: Bad places to order from online

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    Default Bad places to order from online

    About two years ago, I ordered some diapers from Duraline Medical Products because they have a really good sample pack deal. Unfortunately, after two years of not doing so.... they sent a small catalog to me in the mail! This catalog wasn't in an envelope or anything, so anyone could clearly see it! So I'm just warning people not to order from there unless it's not an issue (like if you have your own place or something like that).

    No one has said anything about it, but someone had to have seen it. I didn't get the mail. It's likely no one will mention it, but it did make me a little nervous.

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    For that kind of a thing, HDIS is horrible, they constantly send you stuff. Then when you haven't ordered from them for a while (6 months or so) they stop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valentine View Post
    For that kind of a thing, HDIS is horrible, they constantly send you stuff. Then when you haven't ordered from them for a while (6 months or so) they stop.
    Isn't that where you got the NUK 5's from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Isn't that where you got the NUK 5's from?
    Those came from Germany SaveExpress | Sanitaetsfachhandel Save Express Oliver Weidlich Sanitaetshaus , HDIS (Home Delivery Incontinent Supplies) is just outside St. Louis.

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    For what it's worth, i'd recommend against using Not for the reason you quoted, but for others.

    A quick tangent, I ordered the secure x-plusses (which they advertise as 'better and cheaper than abriform x-plusses!' which is total BS) and they promised 'secure and discreet packaging'. When the box arrived, It had a MASSIVE (i'd say 1/4 of the side of the box) sticker on it, screaming "SECURE PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS INC." all over it. Included was a number to call, and a website to look at. Discreet that is most certainly NOT.

    As for abaip, I placed an order with them around december of a year. After I was charged, I was told my order was out of stock, and it'd be shipped when it came back in stock, or I could request a refund instead. Not happy with being charged for something out of stock, I said I wanted a refund.

    I got a long yarn about how credit cards and such isn't stored, so if I wanted a refund, i'd have to call in and leave my credit card number. I responded, asking if there was another option, and got silence as a reply. I wrote back a week later, asked again, and got no reply. So I called them in, and left on their answering machine, my name, my credit card number (which I absolutely DID NOT want to do) and my order and to e-mail me upon receipt of this information.

    No response. So I wrote in a week later. No response. Wrote in another week later. Still no response. Wrote in 2 days later. No response. Wrote in the next day, the next day, the next day, the next day, the next day, and the next day, for about 3 weeks, and still got no response at all.

    Waited about 3 months, then one day in a fit of pissed-offedness, made a new e-mail on a free website, called "[email protected]" and fired off a rather.... shall we say, unhappy letter. It wasn't full of cursing and vitriol, but it basicly chronicled my past horrible experiences, and how angry I was. Up until this point I had good dealings with this company for several years.

    I got a curt letter back stating "Gee, it shows on my end that refund went through (Bullshit. I would've noticed $100 popping back up in my account, and even if I didn't, I would've seen it on my monthly statement which I pour over VERY carefully when balancing my checkbook), but i'll send out your order anyway".

    I try to write back, because when I made the order, I paid extra for 'discreet shipping' ($8 in fact, or thereabouts) for the time and effort required to put the case in discreet shipping, which basicly means they tear the box open, tape it up inside out, and ship it that way. Not surprisingly, I get no response.

    I e-mail the next day, no response.
    I e-mail the third day, no response. By the next day, it's set to arrive.

    So on the fourth day, lo and behold, a ginourmous box with the abena/abriform label all over it, clearly marking a case of diapers, 12 per bag, and 4 bags in the case, arrives. Since then, i've done no business with this person, and when someone asks a question like this, I always reply that this company is not one worth doing business with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valentine View Post
    For that kind of a thing, HDIS is horrible, they constantly send you stuff. Then when you haven't ordered from them for a while (6 months or so) they stop.

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    Has anybody found cosy'n dry a problem for sending you other mail other than the ordered item?

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    Another bad place to go from my personal experience is AB mall of america. I ordered from them september 7, and before I ordered I read that due to the items mostly being made to order, I'd have to wait 2-6 weeks. So I'm like "ok, fine" So after 3 weeks, I send an email, get a reply a week later around the lines of "Oh, sorry, we can't get in touch with the vendor making your paticular item, we'll contact you with details" I go round and round with this for another 4 weeks when I finally submit a dispute with paypal, requesting a refund with the seller. And after another week of no response, I submit a claim of no item recieved, ect. And after another 3 weeks of paypal investigating, I eventually got my money back.

    That company is shadey, and I don't recommend the person who was vending onesies (which is what I ordered) either. The person's name was Sybil, and as I could tell this person also had an ebay store under the same username.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Wow, Harano... I am SO GLAD that I never ordered from ABAIP.

    The two suppliers I use are:
    -- Home Care Delivered (when I want Attends). They deliver really fast, but the box is marked.
    -- XP Medical (when I want Molicare). They typically take a full week, but the box is a plain brown box.

    I've been pretty happy with both companies.

    If you ever order from HDIS even one time, you'll never be free of them. Somehow they even get your address when you move!

    There was some company (I can't remember now) that featured a "free" sample of Tranquility a few years back. The catch was they charged you $5 on your credit card, then there was a $5 coupon in the shipment for another sample. So, the second one was the free one. But I never got shipped the first one. Doh!

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