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Thread: "Whale Wars"

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    Default "Whale Wars"

    While there's a new show on Animal Planet called Whale Wars. I watched the first episode and a part of the 3rd episode and so far I hate the show. But before I tell you why I hate it I will tell you what the show is about.

    Whale War's is about a founder of Green Peace that got voted out of Green Peace since his actions are not always peaceful. The guy has started off his own group called "The Sea Shepard's", what they do is they protest killing of whales. From what the show has shown they are going after Japanese whaling boats in the Arctic Sea at the south pole. The Japanese said they are doing everything by the book in international law. The Sea Separd's say they are breaking the law.

    I myself have still not looked into which one is telling the truth and I am in no position to believe one or the other right now. However if the Japanese ships are working in the realm of national and local laws, then what the sea Shepard are doing is just causing world wide drama to force their world views on the rest of the world.

    That said lets get down to the tactics that have been put on the show. To attack the Japanese vessels.

    A. They use chemical "stink bombs" that they throw at the whaling ships. (not a smart idea)
    B.They use pretty small Zodiac rubber boats with motors to board the ships then claim they are being held hostage and are kidnapped. They then cry to the media and the government of Australia to help start tensions between Japan and Australia. First it may start off with "the little people" but it works its way up very high and very fast it seams.

    These are the tactics I have seen them use on camera as provided by Animal Planet. Animal Planet says the views and comments in the TV show do not reflect those of animal planet. However I feel they are supportive of it since they are offering camera time to these protesters who use aggressive tactics against fellow human beings. I personally so far find these people disgusting in their actions.

    If you want to protest then please go ahead and do so. But do NOT go out and throw chemicals at people and board other people's boats by force then say they are kidnapping or holding you hostage! You force your way onto their boat and they should not be legally held responsible if you injury your self by trying to climb aboard or not having your own food etc. They should also be able to keep you anywhere they want on their ship while your aboard. Its their ship not yours THEY call the shots.

    So, yes I clearly dislike the people this show is about. Protesters who are aggressive in nature, protesters that put their own lives in danger and blame it on ANYONE but themselves!
    End of my own rant..

    So does anyone else have comments on the show? They can be good comments or bad comments I don't care. I just want to know how others feel about this show and issue.

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    From what I saw on a trailer for the show, the captain of the anti-whaler ship gets shot, so thats going to be a fun show. How ever, I say its morally wrong to hunt something that is nearly extinct, how ever, it may not be internationally against the law. I, also, see this as forcing someone to agree with your views. I, personally, say they are being stupid, but no one else is taking care of this problem, and they are the only ones with the balls and stupidity. I haven't actually seen the show, but I am definitely looking forward to seeing it!

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    They are not nearly extinct. If they were then hunting would stop and would be made illegal under international law. Really the thing is if you like eating whale do you want to see them wipe off the face of the earth? Wouldn't you stop eating whale for just a little while so they can repopulate and things can get back into a balance again?

    As for the gun getting shot I don't think it would be by a real bullet since he was on his own ship. They have no reason to fire at them unless they are under attack which they most likely were. If he was fatally shot it would of been on the news, it wasn't. For now I am assuming it was a paintball gun or something like that.

    Anyways my rant is exactly that a rant. Its not forcing anyone to take my side. I never said nor implied "Be on my side or else! bwhahaha". Personally I hate stuff like that. I would rather talk about it then try and force people to take on my own views, if I wanted to do that I would become a dictator like Saddam,Castro,Kim Jong Ill or Chavez.

    So why do you think what I said is forcing people to take on my views?

    Also here is a link written by the San Fransisco Chronicle.

    Turns out the captain was not shot, just shot at with what we don't know. Of course they did not turn over a bullet or anything like that that or show a bullet hole on their boat where he was standing. Not to mention its crazy to shoot someone in front of a camera crew I think. You got to recall that what your seeing is film by a very profession and high budget camera crew.

    The producers of the show didn't even bother to try and film from the Japanese side. I thought this show was going to show what happens on both sides, not play favorites. The article also suggests that animal planet is looking for a show that attracts young viewers like me and you Grizzy. Seams like its working huh?
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    Most whales the Japanese catch to "study" as they call it, are getting near extinct enough that numerous officials are taking notice of it. And if the whale isn't on the endangered list, the whaling boats are rapidly over fishing them.

    Me, I applaud the protester as they are actually doing something then what the others are doing stuff the slow way aka paper pushing. Sure it helps by pushing paper, but it takes so long to do it, by the time anyone gets anywhere, the bloody animal would be extinct. Sometimes you need to get physical.

    And Green Peace have the biggest balls to be doing this, cause some of those whalers can be extremely violent, even deadly. And any publicity is good publicity for the protesters, like what do the protesters have to lose with this, other than their life, which would be the worst thing the whalers could possibly do, as it would end up costing the whalers more to them, then the protesters. This is the smartest thing the protesters can do, cause the whalers can't do anything extreme, the whole bloody world is watching them. In theory, the protesters have just put a noose around the whalers neck, and with the whole world watching, the more violent or extreme the whalers get, the tighter they make the noose.

    Green Peace has just fired a bullet that no one can dodge by going on TV. Take California for example on how easy it is to get the majority of people to Green Peace's side. The majority of California just voted no to let gay people marry, but at the same time, they voted yes on giving chickens more room before the visit to the slaughter house. They care more about their supper, then the person who is cooking it.

    Not only that, it's how they kill the whales as well, a lot of them do it inhumanely. Most whalers are the type who get as many whales as they can at once, then try to kill two whales with one stone. The whales who don't die are ignored while the crew are too busy getting more whales.

    I know that the whalers are just trying to make a living here, but there is a proper way to fish the oceans, and it will save many people and animals in doing so.

    Now, if only they would do this for the Canadian Seal Hunt......
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    I think there needs to be a show where people drive busses full of makeshift explosives with Hitler painted on the side into whales and then show it in slow motion, that way Discovery Channel, History Channel, and Animal Planet can all come together and make it a big money-making extravaganza.

    That would be awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rance View Post
    I think there needs to be a show where people drive busses full of makeshift explosives with Hitler painted on the side into whales and then show it in slow motion, that way Discovery Channel, History Channel, and Animal Planet can all come together and make it a big money-making extravaganza.

    That would be awesome.
    The "Destroyed in Seconds" show, had the Oregon Department of Transportation blowing up a whale on.
    KOMO News - Local & Regional - Video - The infamous tale of an exploding whale

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    I totally thought this was a topic about the fight i had with my mom, I was disappointed when I found out it wasn't.

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    Jesus, Mandi, that's fucked up! I lol'ed!

    Valentine, thank you for the clip! We're just one step closer to the most awesome show in history!

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    I am going to wait for them to bring in Spock to narrate the show before I watch it.

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    Discovery channel has been shit lately.
    And Eco-terrorism is just as bad as normal terrorism.
    Between this and Crab Fishing, I have no love for Discovery channel any more.
    Thank god they have branch channels like ID and Science Channel.

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