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Thread: Discreet cloth diapers with breathable covers

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    I'm interested in finding a cloth diaper / cover combination that I can wear discreetly outside of the house under loose-fitting pants and that doesn't get too warm. That means I'm looking for a diaper that's relatively thin and form-fitting. I'm looking for a cover that's not too loud and that's made of a breathable material such as PUL.

    Any brand suggestions, either for the diaper or for the cover? I'm also open to trying all-in-ones.

    The back story: I own several pairs of "Almost a Big Kid" training pants from Baby Pants, and I wore them 24/7 for a month last spring. They're thin enough that I can wear them under khakis, and they don't make a difference to my silhouette. Without a cover, they're really comfortable. With plastic or rubber pants, they get uncomfortably warm very quickly. So I generally leave them uncovered, which means they're just symbolic, not real protection. It would be fun to have cloth diapers that offer real (if limited) protection and that are both comfortable and discreet.

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    I've been wearing Dependeco AIO's since the first of year for daytime use. I do wear plastic pants with them. The outer cover does get damp. If you are a
    light wetter you might get by without plastic pants. But if your not you will need them. Here's the link all in one adult baby cloth diapers They also have
    other items you might be interested in. I also reccomend the use of stuffersif your going to be in them for any length of time. I also wear mine in public
    everyday. I'm also going to be curious when hot weather comes how they'll be here in North Texas where I live.

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